Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Some Afternoon Fun...

I *love* finding stuff on the Internet. Free previews for upcoming books, jewelry kits, recipes for summer food...and everything is just a click away (the purple ones below, by the way)...

Here are some free previews to books that looked interesting to me.  I like that you can read the first chapter or so and see if you want to invest your time in the book.

 Preview of Dreams of Joy

Isn't this a great summer project? 
Simple and pretty bracelets to make at home...and I loved the price!  Click on the link! 
Karma Bracelet Kit
Summerstead on Etsy Karma Bracelet Kit

Some yummy salads for summer picnics or quick dinners:
Sweet Pea and Tuna Salad
From Real Simple: Summer Salads

Enjoy, just like I did!
~ Nay ~

"Mommy" Time

Somedays you're in the mood, and well, some you aren't...for books, that is.  This long weekend was one of those "not in the mood" times.  My family and I spent a nice mini-vacation and I brought a book for the intent purpose of reading it.  I just couldn't get myself to open it!  Everytime I'd get myself to grab the book, I found something a little more enticing to do -
go in the pool with the kids, play with the kids, take a nap with the kids...

So my reasoning for not reading, as you can see, had merit.  It was the first weekend that I could truly enjoy being with my daughter and son.  I have spent the first part of the year absorbed with work and school - when I wasn't working, I was at school.  When I wasn't at work or school, I was studying.  And when I wasn't doing any of that, I was *busy*.  Busy with laundry, cooking....and, um, sleeping.  This weekend was the first time this year, I didn't have to study for an exam or do homework. 
I could just be *mommy* and that just made me feel happy.

So, I did bring a book that I intended to have finished by last night...so that I could have a review for today's post.  I just couldn't get myself to pry myself away from being *mommy*...and, you know what?  That's okay...

Happy short week to you : )  Hope you have some time to spend your time right!
~ Nay ~

Friday, May 27, 2011


I am hun-gree (!) this morning.  And when *I* get hungry, I search for recipes.  Well today's search was quick and short, since I found this great recipe for "Pan-Cooked Greens with Tofu and Garlic" on girlichef's blog.  It looks *yum-o*!!!

My family loves tofu...and of course, garlic, is tops!  When I finally get a kitchen back this summer, I am definitely making this dish.  I am a little excited about it (having my own kitchen and cookin') and can't wait to prepare a bunch of fabulous recipes I've been collecting...

Check out the recipe here:  Girlichef's "Can You Smell My Garlic Breath" recipes:) and to entice you just a little bit, here's a pic that "girlichef" had on the post...

So now, I'm salivating!  Looks so yummy...and if you scroll down the post, there's also a recipe for "Sauteed Cod with Spicy Garlic Sauce".  I've never had cod, so maybe I'll try that recipe this summer, too.  Anyone want to come over and taste-test? Ha : )

Happy Friday...

I have to go get something for breakfast *now*!
~ Nay ~

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Word of the Week - Sense

Every Monday on the blog, Trying to get Published, a word of the week is given (as I've mentioned in a past post).  This is my first attempt at writing with a word prompt.  I am using a mini-clip as my submission : )

This week's word:  Sense

She ran her fingers around her round stomach.  In less than three weeks, there would be a new person in her world.  She could feel as this new being bumped around her rib cage, shaping itself inside of her. 

Usually right before lunchtime, the baby would get all riled up.  The cravings for her usual, tuna on rye, would creep up on her and she would have a sense* of emergency to go to her favorite deli right around the corner from her loft.

She could have asked for someone to go get her sandwich for her so she wouldn't have to waddle the half-block there, but there was never anyone to ask.  The "father" of this baby was long gone.  The day she told her boyfriend she was pregnant, his look dropped to the floor.  She knew right at that moment the result of what her life would be like from that moment on.  She made the decision at that exact moment to have this child on her own.

Her mother had done it, so there was no reason she couldn't do it herself.  The last eight months had been filled with elation from the first moment she felt the first movements of the baby.  There were times that she had a sense* of dread that she would be doing this alone and without anyone's help, but then the baby would tumble around inside of her as if letting her know that everything would turn out fine.

She grabbed the arms of the chair she sat on and with one big breath stood upright.  Getting her keys and a few dollars for the sandwich, she walked out the door to start the short trek to the deli.

It was a sunny and breezy day in January.  The air smelled sweet and fresh, her favorite time of the year.  She was happy that the baby would be born during her favorite season.  Birthdays would be celebrated in little parks in the area.  Her child's hair would blow in the wind as he or she (she wanted this to be a surprise) blew the candles.  She could already hear her little one's giggles as she would cut the cake.  She was ecstatic for those days to come.

Walking towards the deli, she felt as though the baby were having a tantrum.  It was as though the baby were hurrying her to be fed.  Then she felt something she could never have imagined.  Peace filled her and she felt a sort of white cloud surround her.

She stumbled on a crack on the sidewalk and fell on her stomach.  She looked down and saw a puddle of blood and water around her.  And something else, as well...


So happy to be writing,
~ Nay ~

Let's *Book* Chat...

I subscribe to this great blog, Book Club Classics . Hosted by Kristen Galles, she always has book reviews, giveaways (sometimes 2 a week!), book club discussion guides, and so much more!  Her blog was the first book-ish blog I ever subscribed to and I'm addicted!

This Monday she put up a list of "Amazon's Best of May"... see here: Monday on Book Club Classics.  Have you read any of them?

Book Club Classics always has great recommendations for books and what to read next.  I love it because I discover something new pretty much every week.

And her reviews?  Thoughtful and honest which is *so* appreciated.  The other thing I like is that she doesn't give the whole story or plot away...refreshing!

So to follow in my *inspiring blogger* steps, here's a short list of books I want to read in the next couple of months (and maybe write some reviews about?):

Every Last One
(Anna Quindlen)

This Glittering World
(T. Greenwood)

Alice I Have Been
(Melanie Benjamin)

Island Beneath the Sea: A Novel
(Isabel Allende)

Happy Reading!
~ Nay ~

. . .Clap, Clap :)

image found when searching
 "happiness" on google...

"If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands!"  Remember that little diddy?  At 5 or 6 years old, I always clapped the loudest, by the way : )

Happiness is all relative, I know, but it's refreshing, isn't it?  Isn't it nice to walk down the street and have a stranger say, "Hi! How are you?" and they're just cheerful.  It makes you smile, right?

Or hearing the laughter of a child...it just makes you laugh along with them.  I *love* that.

What makes me "happy" is different than what makes you happy, I know. Writing, books, food, my kids, my hubby, my best friend = my bliss...

So I'm happy today for no apparent (but, maybe a little annoying?!) reason...just *HAPPY* : )

How are YOU today?

~ Nay ~

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I've been looking at blogs for years!  Now that I have my own blog, I have noticed that as I get followers, I also get to learn about new blogs.

Here are some that I think are just neat! Click on the green links

As I have started reading her blog these last few weeks, my mouth waters with all her great recipes.  She also has giveaways for books.  What I like most is that just by reading I can tell she is a kind soul.

Cookie Cutter Lunch
Running out of lunch ideas for the kids?  Want to make them look pretty darn awesome?  Or most of all, wouldn't it be great to be that mommy who makes her kids' lunches spectacular?  Check out this blog.  Totally cute designs for kids' lunches.

I've already posted something from her blog.  (See my post on making your own necklace.  Remember?)  Not only are there tutorials, but her blog links to more of her blogs ranging from book reviews to recipes.  So sweet, too!

Trying to Get Published
She is one of my favorite commenters!  I feel like I have already found a "blog" friend in her.  What's really neat is that on Mondays, she posts a word for followers to write on.  A great writing tool for those who get the "writer's block" disease (me!).  This week's word is "sense".  I'm working on my Senses right now:) 

Go visit them or become their "neighbor" (follower)!  I hope you like them as much as I do:)

Having a great night, as always, because I'm home doing this new love, blogging!
~ Nay ~


Good Morning!

I am thoroughly enjoying my time in the blog world :)  I feel that it is helping me write everyday and I look forward to posting as much as I can.


When I first thought of starting a blog, my intent was to write book reviews.  Books are a big part of my life and, although, I love to write, I *love* to read other authors' works a little more.  Books transport me, embrace me, take me to places I've never been.  I love the smell of books, the feel of them...so starting this blog was supposed to be a way for me to celebrate the books I had read and entice people with the ones I couldn't wait to start.

If you have read my blog so far, I have written *one* book review and the rest is pretty much reflection.  I dont' mind writing, but I feel that I need to start *focusing* on my original intent for "Cover to Cover".  I see that I've been writing a lot of "everything in between" instead of the "cover to cover" stuff.

So, I have a plan!  I would love to know what you think or any suggestions you may have, but here goes.  (By the way, these aren't titles for the days, just what I'd like to focus on for my week in the blog world.)

Mondays ~
Reflection Day - what's on my mind, quotes, writing...

Tuesdays ~ 
Book Reviews (and, hopefully, as time goes by - giveaways!)

Wednesdays ~ 
Talented Women - in my world or who I find out about

Thursdays ~
Book Chatter - what I'm getting excited about, TBR list additions, giveaways I hear or read about, author spotlights (?)

Fridays ~
Recipes and/or Blog of the Week - featuring other blogs I'm following, etc.

My goal is to get an "audience" that isn't secluded to just hearing about what I think about *everything*.  I really want to make it broad enough and get my foot into the book review world.

I'm excited about this new world of blogging! 
I am also so very appreciative of *you*. 

I started this blog thinking that I was the only one who would read it (well, my best friend and hubby would read it, too, I hoped...)! To my surprise, though, and in the short time I have been here, I am so excited to see that I have "neighbors" (followers) and subscribers!  So thrilling :)

Thankful (very much so)
~ Nay ~

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lovebug...for you

"The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. 
She never existed before. 
The woman existed, but the mother, never. 
A mother is something absolutely new." 
(B. S. Rajneesh)
"While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about."
(A. Schwindt)

A letter to my daughter...

Dear "Lovebug",

The moment you were born, my life changed for the better.  I saw things through your toddler's eyes and now in your "little girl" ones and felt peace.  Knowing you were a part of me for the rest of my life made me feel whole. 

I do the things I do so that you have an example of what a woman can and should be...you make me be an example everyday.

♥  I wish for you only the elements of my life that I never knew until I met you.  I wish for you to experience a love that takes your breath away....
♥  I hope you are never hurt by the one you love or "think you love at the moment" and are strong enough to say *no* when it matters.  I hope for you to be the best at what you do best, not what others think is best for you.
♥  I want what I never allowed for myself: confidence in what you do and think and not let anyone tell you, "are you sure that's a good idea? do you think you really are able?"  I want you to always stand up for what you believe in even if it's not the popular idea or notion. 
♥  I want you to do what you love and love doing it.  Take passion by the hand and don't stop walking until you find your true calling. 

But, most of all, I want you to be truly happy, but never content.  Being content means that you have stopped wanting more...always want more - more love, more care (for yourself and others), and most importantly, more knowledge.

These days you only see me work and go to school.  But I want you to know that the sole reason I do these things is so that you know that it is possible.  Never let anyone tell you, "you can't" and I hope you will always respond, "my mom did and that's why I can."

I love you and am so proud of the person you are becoming.  The best part of it all is that I get to watch it first-hand and know that anything is possible even when you think it's not.

I have you...you are the person who shows me everyday that anything is possible. 

You inspire me and I am proud...

~ Mommy Nay ~

This Too Shall Pass...

You know when you are having "one of those days"? 

I can't get into the right frame of mind for anything today.  All I want is to lay in bed with the covers over my head.  It was a bad morning, followed by a not so great noon.  Hopefully things will look up in the afternoon to evening...

It always does, though - "everything is temporary".  The workday will be over and my real life will start.  Being with the hubby, kids, doing homework with my daughter, making dinner, last-minute stop at the grocery store, etc., etc., etc...

That's what helps me on my "off" days...Just when you think the day should be flushed down the toilet, something happens to make everything alright.

Sometimes to make my day change, I text my hubby.  Other times, I call my best friend at work.  Music helps, too (especially cheesy rap or old skool r & b).  I try (really try) not to go for the comfort food or candy because then I just feel worse afterward.

So today isn't going to end badly...it'll be fine.  I'll see my kids and hear about their day...or my hubby will make me laugh (he always does...).

And if all else fails, I'll go to sleep and tomorrow will be a new day.

Chin up!
~ Nay ~

Monday, May 23, 2011

Night-time Ramblings

"Life is uncertain.  Eat dessert first."  Maybe...

I have a sweet tooth.  Well come to think of it, I have a mouthful of sweet teeth.  I can devour a whole cheesecake without giving it a second thought.  Ice cream cake gives me a thrill.  Caramel dripping off the sides of my sundae - so divine!

But dessert and sweets are so unforgiving - they give you the best feeling ever and then let you down, way down.  Just as you think life couldn't get any better, the last bite comes and it's over :( Just like that and you have to stop or that scale will reveal the awful numbers you dread.

So, yes, I love my sweets...but I also have to stop to think about what it is doing to me.

I am no longer at the point in my life where I can eat anything I want, whenever I want.  I have to watch the calories and make sure I am healthy.  But I really don't do much to make that happen.

I'm a "two-weeker" - as my husband so lovingly calls me.  I start a healthy lifestyle: eating my veggies, fruits, staying away from my favorite carbs, watching every single bite that comes into contact with my mouth...and then the two-week marker begins.  "Oh, one bite of chocolate won't hurt.  I am entitled!"  And then the downward spiral begins....down, down, down until I gain all the weight back again.

It makes me sad, really sad.  Knowing that I can't indulge makes me angry.  I often say that I don't want to die knowing that I deprived myself.  But then I think, if I don't stop indulging, will it really be that big of a sacrifice? Will I "just die" without that morsel of chocolate chip cookie just out of the oven?

Nope, not really.  I'll survive because although dessert makes me happy, it is a small thrill.  Compared to everything else in my life and what I risk losing if I keep "indulging" - well, I guess, I *can't* have my cake and eat it too.

Still sad, though...

...and (stomping my foot on the ground) I still want dessert!

~ Nay ~

PS: Anyone have pointers for after the two weeks? :)

Lovely and Sweet...

A couple of months ago, I stumbled upon a Facebook page for "Luxe Adornments".  What a find!  I loved what I had discovered ~ dainty little luxuries :)  Another plus was that the jewelry, ranging from earrings to necklaces, were nicely priced and wouldn't hurt my budget.  As the tagline says - Little Luxuries for Everyday Life - don't we need those every once in a while?


I only featured the necklaces, but there is so much more!  Hope you enjoyed these beautiful pieces as much as I did :) 

A special thank you to Tambra from Luxe Adornments
for giving permission to post her sweet art on my blog!

 Want to see more?  Go to http://www.luxeadornments.etsy.com/

Happy Monday :)
~ Nay ~

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Grateful Sunday

There's this song by Jill Scott that I absolutely love and it's been stuck in my head all night, "He Loves Me."

"You love me especially different every time
You keep me on my feet happily excited
By your cologne, your hands, your smile, your intelligence
You woo me, you court me, you tease me, you please me
You school me, give me some things to think about
Ignite me, you invite me, you co-write me, you love me, you like me
You incite me to chorus..."

And that's just the first verse.  There are some people who can just *write*!  Put down every single feeling in just the right words, the right sentiments...the words and syllables are just perfect, swirling around your brain in just the right motion.  I love to read these type of words, to write them...to feel them.

I hope to be that lyricist, writer, expressionist...one day.  Not only capable of reading them, but to write them as well.

It was a good weekend and it has ended perfectly.  Just the right amount of down time and the right amount of good old-fashioned family time.  I wouldn't have changed any minute of this weekend....each moment reminded me of how lucky I am to have the life I have, the love I have, and the good friends I have.

I am extremely grateful.

Pleasantly content,

Friday, May 20, 2011

Comida a la Limeña

The best part of being Peruvian is the food! 

Before living in Peru in my 20s, I didn't know how wonderful food could be.  While I was in Lima, I lived with my aunt and  two sweet-as-can-be cousins.  They taught me, above everything else I am most grateful for, that food is an experience.  My younger cousin loved lomo saltado - a meat and potato kind of stir fry.  It is now my absolute favorite Peruvian dish and my signature dish when going to a Peruvian restaurant!

Living with my aunt and cousins was at times eye-opening, but most of all, a growing experience.  In their home, I learned what it was to be a self-sufficient woman.  I learned that some things were more important than others.  As a woman, you must persevere and break through barriers that others put in front of you.  There may be walls that will halt your pace, but all you need is a strong voice and character to break it down.  They showed me strength, humility, and love without barriers.

But, most importantly, I learned that you are born into the family you've got - there's no changing it.  But what you do with that family and how you portray yourself to them (and everyone else, for that matter) is most important.  Stand firm in what you believe and do what you must to be successful.


Lomo Saltado
(translated from "Recetario Nicolini")

(for 6 servings)
  • 1 lb. of beef (tenderloin is best)
  • salt, pepper, and cumin
  • 1 tsp. of paprika
  • 1/2 tsp. of oregano
  • 2 onions cut in thin strips
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 1 ají (Peruvian chili pepper or pimiento) cut in very thin slices
  • 2 tbsp. of vinegar
  • 2 tomatoes cut in wedges
  • 1 tbsp. of  parsley
  • 1 lb. of potatoes (or if you don't want to fry - *a lot* of french fries)
  • Vegetable oil (a necessary amount)

Heat up 4 tablespoons of vegetable oil and fry in it the beef (tenderloin) in strips (about 2 1/2 cm., approx.).  Season with salt, pepper, and cumin and incorporate the paprika and the oregano.  Remove meat.  Add the onions, garlic, chili pepper (pimiento), and the vinegar.  Cook for a few minutes.  Add the tomatoes y stir well.  Put the meat back and sprinkle with parsley.  Fry the potatoes in a lot of vegetable oil (or buy them, right?).  Serve with the french fries and accompanied by white rice or rice/corn mixture.


Nostalgic and hungry now :)


A little music to accompany the dish -
(sorry, I don't know how to put the video up!)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Peruvian Salvi-Irish..yeah, that's me

mul·ti·cul·tur·al:  of, relating to, reflecting, or adapted to diverse cultures (http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/multicultural)
I looked that up this morning because my hubby calls me that all the time.  He says it's what he likes most about me :)  Now that I have looked up the definition, it makes me pretty proud to be called that.  I *especially* like the "diverse" part of it.
Thanks to my "Papa" :D

I embrace diversity in pretty much everything.  I love that people are different because of where they come from...or where their parents are from.  I think that because we are all so different, we all make everything so *flavorful*.  As a whole, we make up all the flavors of the world.  How boring would it be if we were all the same, right? 

My hubby and I contributed to this diversity when we got married.  I am peruvian-salvadoran-irish and my hubby is filipino-spanish-italian.  So when you add us both together, we make some pretty diverse and gorgeous kids (I know, I'm just a tad biased)!  But "mixed" kids are beautiful and that's not my biased self talking...

(Side Note:  To be absolutely fair, all kids are beautiful...really, really gorgeous, too. 
No one is left out when it comes to children...)

I do have one wish, though:  I want my children to think of themselves as a part of a community of a real society.  I want them to understand that it doesn't matter where you are from, what you look like, who you love...all that matters is that you are true and honest.  I want them to form opinions about people because of what they experience - not because of what others think or the prejudices others have on each other.
1/4 this because of my Mom's Dad...

This generation is pretty lucky, though.  Thank goodness it's not as bad as it used to be, right?  Interracial marriages or partnerships were so taboo way back when.  Although, and this is unfortunate, I still feel stares when I'm eating at a restaurant or walking in the mall as a family (very rarely, but it happens).  But, oh well, not all of us are open-minded and accept change.

So that's all...no more getting on my soap box and getting all political. 
My whole point to this post was to say "multicultural" is a great word.  It doesn't even have to mean that you are made up of different cultures - the definition just says that you "relate to" or "adapt"..."reflect".  I like that, "reflect"...~ I embrace difference and willingly reflect it. ~  Makes sense, right?

1/4 this from Mom, too :]


Since this is my hubby who is calling me "multicultural" and, with all the love he has for me (being sarcastic here...)

He may just mean that I am "multicultural" because he can take me to any type of restaurant and I'll eat. 

Let's face it - anybody can be multi-cultural when  it comes down to food.

Ha!  Well, now you know where I stand about certain things, right?
~ Nay ~

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Couple of Minutes to Spare...

I have about 15 minutes to spare between making dinner and waiting for the laundry to be done...so, blog time!

I must confess:  I have been pretty OCD this week.  I get this way every so often.  I think the trait runs in my family : /  It can be pretty annoying.  I call it perfectionism, but I know deep down inside that I just have the need to be in control of everything around me - in a nice way, of course (wink wink).

But this got me thinking of what gives me that *fun* feeling.  There's a pretty long list of things I need to be "just right"...but here's just a few:

* toilet paper:  I always have it positioned with the paper facing me.  I have been known to be in other people's houses, having to go use their bathroom, and changing the toilet paper the "right" way.

* restaurant tables:  After finishing a meal, I always feel the need to fix the table for the person who has to clear it when we leave.  You know, stacking the plates on top of each other...making sure all the napkins are folded, not just thrown, etc.

*the pantry:  all the cans are together facing front...I try *really hard* not to categorize them and put them in alphabetical order!

Annoying, right?

I'm not that bad...really!  I just know I can be.  And although my list of "controls" is long, my list of annoyances can be too.  Here's some:

*Little kids who hit their parents.  Please, I don't condone hitting kids back, but can you please nip that in the bud?  There's corners, right?  Use them.

*The worst question ever - "Aw, is it that time of the month again?"  Really?  You're really going there?!

*Second worst question - "Oh!  Are you expecting?!"  Um, no.  I just haven't lost the weight from the two kids yet, okay?  Yes, my youngest is 5.  But that's not the point!  Jeez!

*When I was single - at a wedding, "You'll be next sweetie.  Don't worry..."  I was never worried.  I knew it would happen - I was just testing the waters.  I always wanted the opportunity to use that at a funeral, though..."You'll be next sweetie.  Don't worry..."  Never had the chance.  Darn!

I hope these little annoyances didn't offend any of you.  Just thoughts floating around...

Buzzzz!  Laundry's done.  Have a good night everyone:)

Annoyingly Yours,

Endless Surprises

"In the book of life, the answers aren't in the back."
(Charlie Brown)

So wise, Mr. Brown, so wise. 

I'm always looking for the answers before I'm ready for them.  When I was in my 20s, I wanted to know exactly what was going to happen so I could always be prepared.  I didn't want surprises. 

I grew up on surprises. 
"We're moving to Peru/Costa Rica/Boston/California!" "You're going to a new school next year."  "Become a professional or you're on your own."  But those surprises, or revelations, prepared me for my future.  I knew that life was about making sure that you didn't get too comfortable.  Always be ready for a new revelation...and prepare your feelings for that moment.

As I moved out of my 20s and into my 30s, I felt and now truly feel free of those "surprises"! This is a huge change in me!  I am not always on edge of what "could" happen, but now I just let it.  Let those shocking or wonderful experiences happen because they do for a reason.

I truly believe (now) that every single experience happened so that I could get to where I am today.  If I hadn't moved so much, I wouldn't have ended up living in California (again) when I was fifteen.  I wouldn't have met that boy in my English class that, more than a decade later, I married.  I would not have experienced love that I never thought I would receive (every day) in different ways.  There are so many things that I have now that I wouldn't have without those surprises.

Those surprises and (many "interesting") experiences have molded me into who I am.

Don't they do that for all of us, though?  The element of surprise and experience that we have each day...That feeling of fulfillment when you complete a task...start something new...meet someone new...learn something you never thought you could...trust someone completely...

The list is endless...

So, yes, let's not look at the back of that book too often, since the answers aren't there anyway :) Remember, surprises aren't always *awesome* but they effect the course of our lives in the most amazing and, more often than not, revealing ways.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Adding to the List...

~ Happy Afternoon to You ~

Have you ever wanted a necklace with your kids' initials on it?
  Or maybe a necklace with you and your lovey's initials?

Did you want to shell out the big bucks for it?  Didn't think so...
Well, look no further :)  Look what I found!

You can make this necklace for $10!  Yes, TEN DOLLARS:)  Wow, huh?

Enjoy and just click the link below the pic to see what you need and how to do it:)

I'll add this necklace to my "going to do" list...or my "summer activity" list...or my "do with the kids" list...

By the way, just so you know, I *LOVE* making lists of things I'd like to do and that deep down inside I want to do, but I never do them :(

...but my goal is to start doing them! (Hey, saying it out loud might actually make it happen right?!)


 *** A special "Thank You!" to Heather from Summerstead (www.summerstead.blogspot.com)
for giving me permission to share her tutorial on my blog! ***

Wisdom, Love & Light


The art of today's "Talented Woman" is someone very close to my heart. 

When I first met her, she made me feel that a person could conquer any obstacle in her path...and do so with grace.  She is an old soul and her photography shows the love of true passion for life and what it holds in all of us.

Enjoy these few photos that she shared with me.  I hope they show you what I see through her photography...

...wisdom in things unseen, a deep through the roots kind of love, and light when all you see is darkness.


"Live life fully while you're here. Experience everything. Take care of yourself and your friends. Have fun, be crazy, be weird. Go out and screw up! You're going to anyway, so you might as well enjoy the process. Take the opportunity to learn from your mistakes: find the cause of your problem and eliminate it. Don't try to be perfect; just be an excellent example of being human."
(Anthony Robbins)

And with that thought - make today worth it!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Born-to-be Back Up Singer

I think I would have been a great back up singer.

I always wanted to be one...getting the rush of being on stage without the pressure of being the star.  I would have loved to wear the costumes and do all the dance moves.  I can sing, so this is not far-fetched.  I'm just not a lead vocalist-type.  But I'm really good at the "ooh-aahs" and harmonizing the chorus along with the radio :)

I'm even good with the dance moves - just ask my husband - ha!  He laughs and shakes his head at me whenever we are in the car and I start my "back up singer" repetoire.  The only thing is I always use the same moves - fanning my arms over my head, snapping my fingers to the beat a la Supremes...

I think I got this from my mom.  We would be "cooking" in the kitchen and she'd be Diana Ross and I was always one of the Supremes.  Cooking never really happened in our kitchen much - Mom wasn't the best cook, although she made a *mean* Kraft macaroni and cheese :)  But singing and dancing was the *best* in our kitchen!  Especially with my mom...

My mom knew how to lift someone's mood just by singing and dancing...anywhere...in the car (Janet Jackson is the best there), the grocery store aisles (singing along to the overhead music), the dressing room in a department store (helps ease the times you have to try one bathing suits, believe me).  She is a woman who has a whole-hearted laugh that makes everyone else start laughing...so you can't help but go along with her "let it all hang out" antics.

So, yes, I was born to be a back up singer...and my lead?

My mom, of course!

So, sing it out and have a wonderful Monday!
~ Nay

Friday, May 13, 2011


Some women are just so talented!  I don't know if you have noticed but I try to feature a talented woman at least once a week on "Cover to Cover" (yes, I know I've only been on for two weeks!). 

This week, though, I just can't resist doing another feature!

My co-worker and "sweetie-pie" of the job, makes baby wipe cases covered in lush materials
and I think they are "gorgeous, darling!"

my favorite!

I pretty much think they are "magnifique"...
the cases make me want to have another baby, just so I can use one!

Baby wipe cases "Sweet Mary Anna" are, well, sweet :) 
malkchy@aol.com or 323.712.2676

May the rest of your day be DIVINE:)

Re-Posted Items - Blogger Error:(

Hi all -

Blogger deleted my last two posts, so I have re-posted them.
As always thanks for your support!  I am *loving* the whole process of writing again.  I love all your comments...some were lost in the blogger error : /

Thank you...
....from the bottom of my heart,

PS:  More posts to come...just putting them together!


 Originally Posted on May 12, 2011
The Original

It was during high school that I first heard "Lovesong" by The Cure.  I would listen and listen to that song over and over ~~ song ends, pick up needle off record (yes, I said *record*!), song begins ~~ I actually thought Robert Smith had written down my thoughts and put it to music.  I listened to it differently back then...I listened to it like any wanna-be goth girl at the time - with sorrow.  "Will I ever have someone think this of me or dedicate this to me?"  I would even cry to this song.  It shake my head now, reading over the journals of my 15-year-old self as I pondered over every single "life-ending" thing I was going through.  I thought everything was "the end of the world!"  Listening to The Cure just put everything into perspective (a very depressing one) at the time.
The Cover Version

Just this year, Adele came out with the cover of "Lovesong".  Nothing can be better or compare to the original, I thought.  Well, I am in love all over again.  It must be the different perspective I have in my life now, of course.  I am far from the girl with the "woe is me" personality...I wear color now, okay? :)  I loved the original version Robert sang, but Adele...oh, Adele, you do wonders with this song!  I feel every syllable as she sings them and teared up (that hasn't changed...) when I first heard it.  Now I just put it on "Repeat" (ah, the wonders of technology!) and think of the love I *do* have and connection to my husband...the feeling of fullness I have now.


So, to my 15-year-old self:
Hey, don't worry so much - it did get better.  You just had to go through it, well, to get through it.  Oh, and you know that boy that sits next to you in English?  the one that walks you to school in the morning?  the only boy who listens to you?  your wonderful friend?  Yeah, well....

...you marry him :)

With Smiles,

Turning One Thought into Another

Originally Posted on 05/11/2011
If there's a book you really want to read but it hasn't been written yet,
then you must write it. 
~Toni Morrison~

How true is that?!  How many years has it been that I keep telling myself (and others for that matter) that I'm going to write the great American novel one day.  I'll write a book that my friends would want to read.  That after they finish reading it, they'll say, "It's over already!?"
My novel is my dream.  I want that dream to happen very badly.  But when I sit down to write about something, anything...I become the ultimate inner critic.  There's that voice inside of me saying, "No, you can't say that!" or "Really?  You want to write about that?"  It infuriates me to no end!
I have this great idea and then I see a movie about it.  You know that movie, Serendipity?  Yeah, my idea.  And that song by Justin Timberlake...what's it called? Something like "what goes around comes around"...yup, mine too. 
I don't even have to start with a novel, really.  I would love to just enter into a writing contest...like the one the magazine, Real Simple, is starting.  But I say I'm going to do it and then I sit to write and that annoying little voice comes back.
There should be spray or something that could make those thoughts instantly disappear.  Wouldn' t that be great?  "You can't think you are any good, can you?"  Spray...and *poof* it's gone.
Wow, can you imagine how much we could all accomplish?  All those dreams in the back burner that would happen for us?
But, you know what?  I do give myself some credit, though.  I always said I wanted to write a blog.  And, um....hello?!  Here it is:)
Have a wonderful night,