Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Adding to the List...

~ Happy Afternoon to You ~

Have you ever wanted a necklace with your kids' initials on it?
  Or maybe a necklace with you and your lovey's initials?

Did you want to shell out the big bucks for it?  Didn't think so...
Well, look no further :)  Look what I found!

You can make this necklace for $10!  Yes, TEN DOLLARS:)  Wow, huh?

Enjoy and just click the link below the pic to see what you need and how to do it:)

I'll add this necklace to my "going to do" list...or my "summer activity" list...or my "do with the kids" list...

By the way, just so you know, I *LOVE* making lists of things I'd like to do and that deep down inside I want to do, but I never do them :(

...but my goal is to start doing them! (Hey, saying it out loud might actually make it happen right?!)


 *** A special "Thank You!" to Heather from Summerstead (www.summerstead.blogspot.com)
for giving me permission to share her tutorial on my blog! ***

1 comment:

Blessed Rain said...

How great would that be to make all your own stuff! My hubby crafts jewelery so he might be willing to shell out for the stamps - heck maybe if I got him rolling he could open and esty shop!