Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Couple of Minutes to Spare...

I have about 15 minutes to spare between making dinner and waiting for the laundry to be, blog time!

I must confess:  I have been pretty OCD this week.  I get this way every so often.  I think the trait runs in my family : /  It can be pretty annoying.  I call it perfectionism, but I know deep down inside that I just have the need to be in control of everything around me - in a nice way, of course (wink wink).

But this got me thinking of what gives me that *fun* feeling.  There's a pretty long list of things I need to be "just right"...but here's just a few:

* toilet paper:  I always have it positioned with the paper facing me.  I have been known to be in other people's houses, having to go use their bathroom, and changing the toilet paper the "right" way.

* restaurant tables:  After finishing a meal, I always feel the need to fix the table for the person who has to clear it when we leave.  You know, stacking the plates on top of each other...making sure all the napkins are folded, not just thrown, etc.

*the pantry:  all the cans are together facing front...I try *really hard* not to categorize them and put them in alphabetical order!

Annoying, right?

I'm not that bad...really!  I just know I can be.  And although my list of "controls" is long, my list of annoyances can be too.  Here's some:

*Little kids who hit their parents.  Please, I don't condone hitting kids back, but can you please nip that in the bud?  There's corners, right?  Use them.

*The worst question ever - "Aw, is it that time of the month again?"  Really?  You're really going there?!

*Second worst question - "Oh!  Are you expecting?!"  Um, no.  I just haven't lost the weight from the two kids yet, okay?  Yes, my youngest is 5.  But that's not the point!  Jeez!

*When I was single - at a wedding, "You'll be next sweetie.  Don't worry..."  I was never worried.  I knew it would happen - I was just testing the waters.  I always wanted the opportunity to use that at a funeral, though..."You'll be next sweetie.  Don't worry..."  Never had the chance.  Darn!

I hope these little annoyances didn't offend any of you.  Just thoughts floating around...

Buzzzz!  Laundry's done.  Have a good night everyone:)

Annoyingly Yours,


Blessed Rain said...

You and my BFF would get along well! She is OCD too! Or as my OCD sister likes to say - CDO that way it in ABC order!

Nay said...

Love it! CDO! That's the best...

Nicole said...

lol this was funny. my worst question is when Angelo and I are together and we get asked, "Are you guys siblings?" -__-

Nay said...

Ew, Nicole! Siblings, really?! Love ya!

Kiki said...

Haha! I'm so glad to know someone else cleans the table for the waiter too! My husband is mildly embarrassed by it but I just feel badly for the guy/girl who has to clean up after my kids...even if we pay him/her for it. ;)

cynthia said...

I enjoyed your blog, you are exceptional!

Nay said...

@Kiki: My hubby gets embarassed too - hahaha!

@Cynthia: Thank you so much:)