Thursday, May 26, 2011

Let's *Book* Chat...

I subscribe to this great blog, Book Club Classics . Hosted by Kristen Galles, she always has book reviews, giveaways (sometimes 2 a week!), book club discussion guides, and so much more!  Her blog was the first book-ish blog I ever subscribed to and I'm addicted!

This Monday she put up a list of "Amazon's Best of May"... see here: Monday on Book Club Classics.  Have you read any of them?

Book Club Classics always has great recommendations for books and what to read next.  I love it because I discover something new pretty much every week.

And her reviews?  Thoughtful and honest which is *so* appreciated.  The other thing I like is that she doesn't give the whole story or plot away...refreshing!

So to follow in my *inspiring blogger* steps, here's a short list of books I want to read in the next couple of months (and maybe write some reviews about?):

Every Last One
(Anna Quindlen)

This Glittering World
(T. Greenwood)

Alice I Have Been
(Melanie Benjamin)

Island Beneath the Sea: A Novel
(Isabel Allende)

Happy Reading!
~ Nay ~


Kristen said...

Thank you so much for the "shout out" Renee!! :) I'm so happy for you and new blog!!

Nay said...

Really, I must say, THANK YOU!