Monday, May 23, 2011

Lovely and Sweet...

A couple of months ago, I stumbled upon a Facebook page for "Luxe Adornments".  What a find!  I loved what I had discovered ~ dainty little luxuries :)  Another plus was that the jewelry, ranging from earrings to necklaces, were nicely priced and wouldn't hurt my budget.  As the tagline says - Little Luxuries for Everyday Life - don't we need those every once in a while?


I only featured the necklaces, but there is so much more!  Hope you enjoyed these beautiful pieces as much as I did :) 

A special thank you to Tambra from Luxe Adornments
for giving permission to post her sweet art on my blog!

 Want to see more?  Go to

Happy Monday :)
~ Nay ~


Blessed Rain said...

Beautiful! Will have to check them out! Love minimalist jewelry - its like wearing understated art!
also word of the week is up! - Senses!

Nay said...

I know - I'm waiting for one of her pieces to be delivered to me:) Can't wait to wear it!!!

I'll work on my "senses" this week! Thanks for the reminder:)