Friday, May 13, 2011


 Originally Posted on May 12, 2011
The Original

It was during high school that I first heard "Lovesong" by The Cure.  I would listen and listen to that song over and over ~~ song ends, pick up needle off record (yes, I said *record*!), song begins ~~ I actually thought Robert Smith had written down my thoughts and put it to music.  I listened to it differently back then...I listened to it like any wanna-be goth girl at the time - with sorrow.  "Will I ever have someone think this of me or dedicate this to me?"  I would even cry to this song.  It shake my head now, reading over the journals of my 15-year-old self as I pondered over every single "life-ending" thing I was going through.  I thought everything was "the end of the world!"  Listening to The Cure just put everything into perspective (a very depressing one) at the time.
The Cover Version

Just this year, Adele came out with the cover of "Lovesong".  Nothing can be better or compare to the original, I thought.  Well, I am in love all over again.  It must be the different perspective I have in my life now, of course.  I am far from the girl with the "woe is me" personality...I wear color now, okay? :)  I loved the original version Robert sang, but Adele...oh, Adele, you do wonders with this song!  I feel every syllable as she sings them and teared up (that hasn't changed...) when I first heard it.  Now I just put it on "Repeat" (ah, the wonders of technology!) and think of the love I *do* have and connection to my husband...the feeling of fullness I have now.


So, to my 15-year-old self:
Hey, don't worry so much - it did get better.  You just had to go through it, well, to get through it.  Oh, and you know that boy that sits next to you in English?  the one that walks you to school in the morning?  the only boy who listens to you?  your wonderful friend?  Yeah, well.... marry him :)

With Smiles,


Anonymous said...


Nicole said...

i LOVE this. makes me think, "you know that boy who sat next to you in 4th grade? yeah, the one who made fun of your drawing? he's your boyfriend now." = ) love you guys

Nicole said...

oh and i DO love this song. BOTH versions!

Nay said...

No, I *LOVE* this song!!! And you know what makes it even better now, that you love it too!

Yes, who would have thought I'd marry my best friend! Awwwwww....