Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"Mommy" Time

Somedays you're in the mood, and well, some you aren't...for books, that is.  This long weekend was one of those "not in the mood" times.  My family and I spent a nice mini-vacation and I brought a book for the intent purpose of reading it.  I just couldn't get myself to open it!  Everytime I'd get myself to grab the book, I found something a little more enticing to do -
go in the pool with the kids, play with the kids, take a nap with the kids...

So my reasoning for not reading, as you can see, had merit.  It was the first weekend that I could truly enjoy being with my daughter and son.  I have spent the first part of the year absorbed with work and school - when I wasn't working, I was at school.  When I wasn't at work or school, I was studying.  And when I wasn't doing any of that, I was *busy*.  Busy with laundry, cooking....and, um, sleeping.  This weekend was the first time this year, I didn't have to study for an exam or do homework. 
I could just be *mommy* and that just made me feel happy.

So, I did bring a book that I intended to have finished by last night...so that I could have a review for today's post.  I just couldn't get myself to pry myself away from being *mommy*...and, you know what?  That's okay...

Happy short week to you : )  Hope you have some time to spend your time right!
~ Nay ~


Kiki said...

good choice! the books will always be there and the babies will just keep growing and growing. i miss my little men so much and they're still little!

Nay said...

Kiki, you and I are on the same page, as usual:)