Thursday, May 26, 2011

Word of the Week - Sense

Every Monday on the blog, Trying to get Published, a word of the week is given (as I've mentioned in a past post).  This is my first attempt at writing with a word prompt.  I am using a mini-clip as my submission : )

This week's word:  Sense

She ran her fingers around her round stomach.  In less than three weeks, there would be a new person in her world.  She could feel as this new being bumped around her rib cage, shaping itself inside of her. 

Usually right before lunchtime, the baby would get all riled up.  The cravings for her usual, tuna on rye, would creep up on her and she would have a sense* of emergency to go to her favorite deli right around the corner from her loft.

She could have asked for someone to go get her sandwich for her so she wouldn't have to waddle the half-block there, but there was never anyone to ask.  The "father" of this baby was long gone.  The day she told her boyfriend she was pregnant, his look dropped to the floor.  She knew right at that moment the result of what her life would be like from that moment on.  She made the decision at that exact moment to have this child on her own.

Her mother had done it, so there was no reason she couldn't do it herself.  The last eight months had been filled with elation from the first moment she felt the first movements of the baby.  There were times that she had a sense* of dread that she would be doing this alone and without anyone's help, but then the baby would tumble around inside of her as if letting her know that everything would turn out fine.

She grabbed the arms of the chair she sat on and with one big breath stood upright.  Getting her keys and a few dollars for the sandwich, she walked out the door to start the short trek to the deli.

It was a sunny and breezy day in January.  The air smelled sweet and fresh, her favorite time of the year.  She was happy that the baby would be born during her favorite season.  Birthdays would be celebrated in little parks in the area.  Her child's hair would blow in the wind as he or she (she wanted this to be a surprise) blew the candles.  She could already hear her little one's giggles as she would cut the cake.  She was ecstatic for those days to come.

Walking towards the deli, she felt as though the baby were having a tantrum.  It was as though the baby were hurrying her to be fed.  Then she felt something she could never have imagined.  Peace filled her and she felt a sort of white cloud surround her.

She stumbled on a crack on the sidewalk and fell on her stomach.  She looked down and saw a puddle of blood and water around her.  And something else, as well...


So happy to be writing,
~ Nay ~

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Blessed Rain said...

Amazing! Love the Mini clip - I want more! Great flow, wonderful use of the word! Thank you so much for posting!