Thursday, June 30, 2011

Question for all the Bloggers out there!

Hey there!

Just wondering...

Other than Google Friend Connect...

* how can I see who is "following" me on Google Reader?
 People tell me they are following back, but I don't see a change in my GFC #s...hmmm???

* i'm trying to get to 100 "followers" so that I can be on book tours and the such...
Do you know what "followers" they actually count? how about "subscribers by email"?  Does that count?

* Any pointers on getting my numbers higher??? I am planning another giveaway for 100 (I gave a book at 50), but haven't seen any growth on GFC and I don't know if that should matter much or...
...maybe I'm not that interesting to more followers?

Help a "newbie" blogger out!  Please?

Suggestions are VERY VERY much appreciated...

~ Nay ~

Music Time...

Hosted by Sarah Elizabeth of
(which, by the way, is a "too-cute-and sassy-for-words" blog I found through "Mom2MemphisAndRuby" whose blog always makes me smile...)

These are songs that are *always* on in the background (through earphones) in my little cubicle at work:
Lovesong - Adele
  Raise Your Glass - Pink

California Gurls - Katy Perry

Roll Up - Whiz Kalifa

Strangelove - Depeche Mode

I know it's a weird mix, but I like to have these songs in my daily music listening : )
What are you listening to?!
~ Nay ~

Thankful Thursday!


Hosted by Becky at Three Girls and a Guy comes "Thankful Thursdays".  Becky has put up a "linky party" - so go there to join and be THANKFUL!

Here's mine:
  • My son, Little Love, has been giving me "letters" all week.  Each day this morning, I have a new one in my purse.  His drawings and jumbled writing make me smile.
  • Friends that know when I'm "just not in the mood" for anything...not for talking, but just listening.
  • I got to see my baby nephew, Shish, yesterday.  He grunts now which makes me giggle. His scrunched up smiley face makes me giggle too : )
  • YOU...because I now have 66 followers...getting closer to 100 everyday...slowly but surely, right? And I'm already thinking up a giveaway for the big 1-0-0 !!!
  • A short work week!  No work Friday or Monday because of the 4th...that's pretty darn awesome if you ask me!
  • The Move...I can't wait to step into our new little home after 2 years.  From living in one room (all four of us) at my mother-in-law's to our own place?  I feel truly blessed!
    And because of this, I may be off and on at "Cover to Cover" for the next week or so - don't miss me too much !
Lots more "thankfuls" to write, but not enough coffee in me to write them all out : )

Happy "My Friday, Your Thursday"!
~ Nay ~

Talented Woman: "A Serendipitous Sojourn"

Good Morning,

Last night while travelling the bloggy world, I stumbled upon a most eye-opening blog.  The blogger is a writer, a poet with thought-provoking prose...Tears came down my cheeks after I read her poem, "Because I Didn't Know: A Cautionary Tale"...

The reading below may be a little hard for some to read, but I loved that Antoinette from "A Serendipitous Sojourn" had the courage to write about it, domestic with that, here you go:

because i didn't know: a cautionary tale

because i didn't know
how to deal
with these feelings
deep inside,
rather than
internalize them
any further,
i lashed out at you.
because the man i am
wouldn't let me understand
that i have the right
to choose,
i didn't
and your left cheek
now bears a bruise.
because i'm too invested
in this hatred i feel
from my owner,
i mean my boss,
i am determined
to make you
pay for it daily,
regardless of the cost.
because i refused to admit
that i'm afraid to quit,
that i can't take
anymore of this shit,
and i don't know
what's left for me to do,
standing in a pool of blood,
i'm looking down at you.
for every time
you said you loved me,
and i refused to believe it...
for every time
you encouraged me,
when i didn't think i needed it...
through every storm,
that ever came
overshadowed by heavy clouds,
pounded by my fists like rain,
you remained the same,
and now,
because i didn't
...give a damn...
from confused
to dazed
to crazed...
i stand here alone
the butt of a bad joke
not wanting
to leave
your presence
by your essence
and as the pendulum swings
from peace
to pandemonium
i find the words
that i never knew
were within me
and to your lifeless frame whisper,
"baby, i'm sorry."
(Copyright Antoinette Dickson. Creative Commons License Allowed with permission.)

And, as Antoinette says towards the end of her post:
If you or a loved one is experiencing domestic violence of any kind or you just want to talk to someone, please call the National DV Hotline 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) or 1-800-787-3224(TTY). You can also log onto their website - National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

Thank you, Antoinette, for letting me share your talent and message on my blog.

With love and light,
~ Nay ~

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tumblr_ln5w82gwah1qfsbmqo1_500_largeMercy-overlay_largeSweetpotatobiscuits_largeTumblr_lkylfqf2pe1qadgqvo1_500_large5525507605_afb309c429_z_largeAll these things and more remind me of you...

You are the one I share my inner most thoughts with...
You are the one that was there so I don't ever need to explain it to you...

You are the one that laughs at my corny jokes...
The one who laughs when I'm venting, mad, angry and then puts a smile on my face.

You are my best friend for life...
...and there is no one else that I could picture taking that spot in my heart.

My sister, not through blood
My sister...through experiences
through memories that I'm the only one who can remind you of.

Love forever for you...

Your "biscuit",
~ Nay
all photos found on we♥it

Chocolates, Blackberries & Oranges...hmm?

So I may have found a new trilogy to read ( ! )...I haven't started it,
but it does look rather tasty, no?
Have you read any of these?
~ Nay ~

"The Food Trilogy" by Joanne Harris
"Chocolat" (#1)
Chocolat (The Food Trilogy, #1) (Chocolat, #1)Illuminating Peter Mayle's South of France with a touch of Laura Esquivel's magic realism, Chocolat is a timeless novel of a straitlaced village's awakening to joy and sensuality. In tiny Lansquenet, where nothing much has changed in a hundred years, beautiful newcomer Vianne Rocher and her exquisite chocolate shop arrive and instantly begin to play havoc with Lenten vows. Each box of luscious bonbons comes with a free gift: Vianne's uncanny perception of its buyer's private discontents and a clever, caring cure for them. Is she a witch? Soon the parish no longer cares, as it abandons itself to temptation, happiness, and a dramatic face-off between Easter solemnity and the pagan gaiety of a chocolate festival. Chocolat's every page offers a description of chocolate to melt in the mouths of chocoholics, francophiles, armchair gourmets, cookbook readers, and lovers of passion everywhere. It's a must for anyone who craves an escapist read, and is a bewitching gift for any holiday.

"Blackberry Wine" (#2)
Blackberry Wine (The Food Trilogy, #2)Writer Jay Mackintosh reached his artistic zenith with Jackapple Joe, a novel he wrote 10 years ago, based on the time he spent as a boy with a crusty, enigmatic old man named Joseph Cox in the tiny English town of Kirby Monckton. Joe's stories, simple wisdom and folk charms—and his uncanny ability to make anything grow—made their time together magical. But old Joe disappeared one fall without a trace. Now, with his life going nowhere, Jay impulsively purchases a small cottage in the remote village of Lansquenet and relocates to the sleepy French countryside in an attempt to recapture the magic that vanished 20 years ago—and maybe even find "Jackapple Joe" again.

"Five Quarters of the Orange" (#3)
Five Quarters of the Orange (The Food Trilogy, #3)The novels of Joanne Harris are a literary feast for the senses. Five Quarters of the Orange represents Harris's most complex and sophisticated work yet - a novel in which darkness and fierce joy come together to create an unforgettable story.
When Framboise Simon returns to a small village on the banks of the Loire, the locals do not recognize her as the daughter of the infamous Mirabelle Dartigen - the woman they still hold responsible for a terrible tragedy that took place during the German occupation decades before. Althrough Framboise hopes for a new beginning. She quickly discovers that past and present are inextricably intertwined. Nowhere is this truth more apparent than in the scrap book of recipes she has inherited from her dead mother.
With this book, Framboise re-creates her mother's dishes, which she serves in her small creperie. And yet as she studies the scrapbook - searching for clues to unlock the contradiction between her mother's sensuous love of food and often cruel demeanor - she begins to recognize a deeper meaning behind Mirabelle's cryptic scribbles. Whithin the journal's tattered pages lies the key to what actually transpired the summer Framboise was nine years old.
Rich and dark. Five Quarters of the Orange is a novel of mothers and daughters of the past and the present, of resisting, and succumbling, and an extraordinary work by a masterful writer.

Found all the info on!

Talented Woman - San Francisco, Baby!

Welcome to the San Francisco edition of "Talented Woman"!
I have been wanting to feature my *breathtakingly brilliant* niece, Sofia, for a while now.  At pretty much every family gathering, wedding, reunion, you will see Sofia with a camera.  I see her as our memory keeper-the one who chronicles our lives... 
I finally got to asking her to be featured on the bloggy and she was awesome enough to say 'yes'!
I wanted to change up the "Talented Woman" post this time!
What better way than to ask some questions to the "Talented Woman," to get a feel for who she really is.  I hope, as you read her responses and look at her photography, that you fall in love with her heart, as much as I have.

Question and Answer from Auntie Nay to Lovely Sofia:

Where do you get your inspiration?
JUSTIN BIEBER! No just kidding haha. I get my inspiration from anything, everything, and anyone.
What do you want to do when you graduate from college?
Honestly, after high school I have no idea what I plan on doing. I do not know where I want to go or what I want to major in. I do know that I want to stay local because I do not think I can stand being away from home. I am focusing on the present though and making sure I am prepared for what ever it is I decide to do in my future.
If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? why?
On the top of my list on places to go would have to be Hawaii! Hopefully I'll cross that off soon. Other than that any country in the world would be lovely.
favorite song and why?
I have sooo many favorite songs! My taste in music is quite diverse. I would pick a song by Adele, Maroon 5, or perhaps John Legend, but Open Your Eyes will always be my favorite. It has been sampled by many artists, but the meaning within the lyrics always remains the same.
the quote that defines you or has the most meaning to you...
"What is meant to be will always find a way." -I can apply this quote to almost any situation I come across in life and it definitely reassures me that nothing is perfect.
best or most cherished memory?
I have so many fond and cherished memories in my life that I do not think it is possible for me to name just one. The beauty of photography is that you can look back at pictures and feel nostalgic. You can remember exactly how you felt and what occurred at that moment.
your ultimate wish
To simply be happy.
first thing that comes to your mind
right now...
Thank you for noticing my "talent" haha! I love and miss you :)

No, Sofia, thank YOU! ♥♥♥♥

Have a wonderful middle-of-the-week day! 
~ Nay ~

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

summer wish list

Photo courtesy of
go to the beach with the family
make a picnic lunch and take a nice, beginner's hike
one or two craft nights with the kids
free library events for kids
check out the city's rec center for free dance or zumba classes
cupcake/cake/cookie saturdays
make jell-o with the kids
make smores
go to the community pool as a family
take at least a day or two off from work
decorate our new place and make it a home
watch the kids play at golf camp

that's my summer wish list...
what's yours?

good wishes
~ nay ~

mid-o-week hopping...

Its Hump Day!

Just a little middle-of-the-week blog hop to celebrate that the week is almost over...
Come one, come all...come HOP!
~ Nay ~
PS:  I've decided to just do this hop this week...they're *a lot* of work! lol

Afternoon Delights

I was looking through the Food Network website again...I love looking for recipes I'll never make, but sound sooooo good!

So this afternoon, summer salads were on the brain.  I must tell you, I have never tried these but a picture is worth a million mouth-watering words...Just look at these!

Find the recipes here!

And maybe pair one of the salads with a crisp baguette and a bottle of Riesling?

)Or for my meat-eaters, a wonderful piece of steak and some Lambrusco?

Why must I do this to myself?  I've made myself salivate again : ) 

 ~ Nay ~

yum yum yum YUM!

not a lot of words...

Sorry, I haven't been posting, but either I've had a headache
or my back hurts
which makes me not want to do anything.

Maybe it's a sign of old age - all these aches and pains...

So this is what I have to look forward to - wonderful...

I'm ready to whip this back into shape and feel better...

~ Nay ~

PS:  Can you tell by the photos that I'm a little hungry?!
(all photos found on we♥it)

and I've been thinking about this too:

 I know, I'm a little obsessed... : ) But you gotta have somethin', right?!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Word of the Week (5)

 Bear with me...I *had* to share these:
"Spanish Dancer" by  John Singer Sargent
“People often say that 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder,' and I say that the most liberating thing about beauty is realizing that you are the beholder. This empowers us to find beauty in places where others have not dared to look, including inside ourselves.”
(Salma Hayek) 

found on "we♥it"
A blog with flamenco quotes - from what I can see...just found it this morning!

...and here's a little something from me for my Word of the Week meme on

"Flamenco III" by Fabian Perez
Oh, the sway of your hips
the change* in your step
gliding from one space to the other

Move, my Spanish dancer
Take me to another time
where music brought my soul alive
and made tears flow down my face

With emotion
With pride
Con la cultura dentro de mi

those hips 
that I always remember
what this música enhances in me

My heart, soul, and blood warms
to your the guitar the the singular beats
to the change* 

Sway, Española!
Cambia* what is in me
to be more of the essence of you...

Happy Friday,
~ Nay~

author support:)

Check this out!

Here's the book Trailer, too!

From Amazon's Website:
Product Description
After a decade in prison for a murder she did not commit, Lulu begins a new life at the Court of St Jerome in the Old Sea City. An albino, abandoned as a young child at a Holding Camp for unwanted children, she has always been ostracised, for her difference to others makes her an easy victim of prejudice.

Dancing in the Shadows of Love
Once, she believed, she had a friend to love her. Then that friend betrayed her and Lulu learned that hate is safer than love. But, from Jamila to Granny Zahra, the people of St Jerome’s appear to accept her into their fold. Against a backdrop of never-ending war, the women of the court fight their personal demons: hatred, ambition and greed. As Lulu shares their victories and their losses, she learns to trust again, perhaps even to love.

Nothing, however, is as it seems and Lulu discovers that love does not always wear the face of the one you yearn to call beloved.

This compelling story explores the sacrifices people make in the pursuit of a love that transcends everyday existence. Lulu’s quest, and that of Jamila and Zahra too, is to find the divine love that will fulfil their hopes and save their souls...if they can recognise the masks of those who seek to lead them astray.

From the Author
There's a Hebrew phrase "Tikkun Olam" which means 'repairing the world' and denotes the restoration of the right order and a true union; a correction of our spiritual selves to be made whole again.

Briefly, Kabbalists see a tikkun as a special healing: they experience themselves and each other as the Divine sefirot (Divine potentials; planes of God made manifest.) This act of healing connects across differences, without becoming the Other. In essence, for a person to find inner peace, there needs to be a healing (a sacred union) of the inner fractures of the soul which create external dualities such as racial or gender divides (black vs white, male vs female.)

This phrase lies at the heart of my story. As an ordinary person, happy in my ordinary little life, I've always tried to be a "good" person. But South Africa's tragic history, as revealed by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, left me questioning so many things about myself. I came to the conclusion I just don't have the warrior personality that wants to change the world. That made me wonder what I could have done to prevent or heal the wounds of our past.

Through the eyes of three very different women, Dancing in the Shadows of Love explores how an ordinary person, one who doesn't have what it takes to be hero, can also find a way to repair the fractures of a broken world.
And another thing, Judy Croome launched a friendly competition/contest! 
Look at the first link above for details!!!
~ Nay ~

Thursday, June 23, 2011

thoughtfully quoted...

Thank you to butterfly feet walking on life for this idea...
"Thursday Interpretations is a "meme," which means that you may participate in this on your blog, but I won't be advertising it nor adding a Linky for links to your post/s.  Anyway, Thursday Interpretation will be a weekly post where I post a motivational quote (and/or a book quote) and tell you my feelings about it."


This is absolutely how I feel about all those *mistakes* (those guys who I dated when I was single and would now tell any other woman, "what are you doing with him?!")...
I definitely went through heartbreak(s) and was saved from the *wrong* ones...
And why?
So that I could be with the *definitely, absolutely...oh my gosh, how right does this feel?* person.

So, yes the right one is out there...but remember you have to go through some "right nows" to get to the "yes, this is it!" one...
~ Nay ~

Gusto ko 'to! (*I like this!*)

I am married to my best friend from high school, my first *real* boyfriend, the boy who has made my life spin wonderfully round and round...and I have learned things from him that I cherish everyday.
We're also from different cultures (he's filipino!)...which makes it even better because I've learned so much about his country's cuisine. 
It took me a while to find my favorite dish (if truth be told, it took me a minute to really really like the dishes- but now that I've mastered the fork and spoon, I'm all over it : ).  AND after first tasting the dish below, I was in love! 
Filipino beef steak is *awesomely divine*...add a plate of rice with it (sorry, not just a scoop in my house) and YUM-MEEE!!
Filipino Beef Steak
(my mouth is watering already!)
Recipe found here: Home Cooking Rocks!

1/2 kilo of beef (round, sirloin or tenderloin), sliced 1/4-inch thick
4 tbsp. of kalamansi (native lemon) juice
1/4 c. of dark soy sauce
freshly-ground pepper
1 tsp. of minced garlic
2 large onions, cut into rings
2 tbsp. of cooking oil
  • In a glass mixing bowl, mix kalamansi or lemon juice and soy sauce. Add beef, garlic and ground pepper. Mix well. Let sit in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.
  • Heat a heavy skillet. Add oil. Lightly fry the onion rings. Remove from skillet and drain on paper towels. Keep warm.
  • Reheat oil until smoking. Pan-fry the beef slices in batches, removing them as they brown.
  • When all the beef has been cooked, pour the marinade into the skillet and boil for 1 minute.
  • Arrange beef slices on a plate. Place the onion rings on top.
  • Pour the sauce over the onions and beef.
  • Serve at once.
Cooking time (duration): about 50 including marinating time
Number of servings (yield): 3 to 4 
And then you can add this song to the mix while you're cooking:) 

And, yes, I'm proud to be an "honorary filipina" wifey...
Not only is the food pretty darn scrumptious, but the extended family you get on top of that?
~ Nay ~

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer...the book lists

And the votes are in...
Summer Reading

Includes this book that I wanna read!

Interesting...there's some old ones on there...

Interesting stuff...
What would you recommend as a good summer read?
An oldie but goodie?
A new up-and-coming author?
A good stanby author who always makes the grade?

What's your take?
~ Nay ~

It's Wednesday :)

Blog Hoppin' Again ; )


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Words strung together to make inspiration...that's what I'm loving lately.
Putting pen to paper -or- fingers to a keyboard and your thoughts just come out of you.

all photos courtesy of we♥it!

Go to lollipopscards to add your "what i loves" and your linky!

Blogging Hints Catch a Wave Wednesday

Thanks for making such an easy blog hop, Mom's Bookshelf & More.

And I think next week I want to try this one: 

Write On Wednesdays

But I just found it and I'll prepare for it this week :)
Look here if you want to participate
or maybe a bunch of can do it together :)

Wednesday Bloggy Hopping is Fun!
~ Nay ~