Thursday, June 16, 2011


I am on Facebook a lot...I mean, *a lot*! I love "like"-ing pages that I'm interested in...on books, writing, parenting. So, when I saw that author's were beginning to have Facebook pages too, I wanted to see if I was intertested in "like"-ing them, too. But much to my regret, I noticed that most of the authors weren't really "writing" on their walls - it was mostly, as I could tell, publicity from the publisher or, maybe, their publicity people?

But I did notice three authors that actually interact with their readers on Facebook.  That was *exactly* what I was looking for!  They were sharing...and that is the most "human" element that I started falling in love with.  I like that these authors share their lives with their fans, readers, and, at least to me, seem that they are actually writing it themselves.

Here are the three I am talking about...Kudos to all of you, Elizabeth, Sarah & Jael!

"Elizabeth Berg's gift as a storyteller lies most profoundly in her ability to find the extraordinary in the ordinary, the remarkable in the everyday."
(The Boston Globe)

Ms. Berg looks and feels like a person I would want to be friends with!  Other than loving her books, even though I've only read one (!), she avidly writes on her Facebook page and updates her website.  I love the feel of her website.  Not only does she list the books she has written, she tells you what made her write them.  If you head over to her "Fun Things" tab, there's recipes, snippets about her dear-to-her-heart girlfriends, her blog, photos...all kinds of stuff.  Check her out at the link above and if you have Facebook, "like" her.  You won't be disappointed by this fabulous writer.

Luanne Rice calls Sarah Addison Allen's books "tender and enchanting;"
Booklist calls them "spellbindingly charming."

I have never read any of Sarah Addison Allen's books, regretfully so.  Her newest novel, The Peach Keeper, is on my TBR list for the summer, though!  But, from what I do see, Sarah is so down-to-earth!  Someone you want to root for and rightfully so.  Sarah's is a survivor - breast cancer survivor - and she shows her true self in each Facebook post.  It is refreshing to see that someone who is "just like us" out there, writing, surviving hardships, and making it.  She was very candid about cancer and now everytime I see something about breast cancer, I think of her.  She is an author, woman, person, who doesn't let anything put her down - and that in itself is worth grabbing her book along for your ride in life. 

Jael McHenry

"Add a pinch of magic, a dash of heartache, and a generous portion of lyrical beauty and you have The Kitchen Daughter, an enchanting tale of familial loss and quiet redemption—I loved it."
– Jamie Ford,
New York Times bestselling author of HOTEL ON THE CORNER OF BITTER AND SWEET

I just started "like"-ing the Facebook page for Jael's book.  I love the idea of food and books together!  And just like Sarah, I have not read the novel yet, but it's on the list.  Her website, blog, and FB page makes you want to read it, though.  What I absolutely love about her is that she is excited about her process.  It is inspiring to see a new author out there doing her thing!  I can't wait to read her book now!  You go, girl!

I hope you enjoy these authors as much as I have and am...Have you read any of their books?  What did you think?

Talk to you later and Happy "Almost Friday"!
~ Nay ~


Veronica Marie Lewis-Shaw said...

Thanks for posting this sweetie... I will have to check them out once my self-imposed "banishment" from Facebook is lifted (yes, I too, spend waaay too much time on FB!)

I feel the same way... if an artist.... author, musician, etc... has a Facebook page, they should at least make an occasional appearance... stop by... say "hi"... let us know they care about their fans. I love the ones who take the time to get to know you, show they care and they don't see you as just another wallet to buy their books or music.

There is a difference between "fan" and friend"... I love the ones who treat me as a friend firstm and a fan second. :)

Nay said...

Happy you're my friend first, then:)

Monica Marlowe said...

I saw your post on Elizabeth Berg's page and just loved it! She inspired me to start writing, and now my debut novel is coming out later this summer! I invite you to follow my blog and "like" my facebook page - I love the conversation :)

I've added The Peachkeeper to my summer reading list - thank you!

Monica Marlowe said...

Just followed you, too!

Nay said...

yay! thank you!!!

Dominique Paul said...

I just discovered your blog. Love! I did a reading recently with Elizabeth Berg and all I can say is What an Amazing woman is she?? Love her! She inspired me to be a writer. I finally got my website and FB page up after years of procrastination. Come visit when you have a chance!

Nice to meet you!

Nay said...

What an honor to have another writer looking and visiting my blog! Thanks Dominique!