Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Before and After

Wake up.  Take a shower.  Get makeup on, style hair, pick perfect outfit.
Go to work.  Get out of work.
Drinks or coffee with friends.  Go home late.
Watch tv or read a book.  Take a hot bath.
Go to sleep.

Wake up.  Make coffee.
Wake up kids.  Get kids ready for school (dress, feed...)
Put something clean on.  Tie hair up, brush teeth.
Take kids to school.
Fix house/go to work/go to school.
Pick up kids fromschool/take to practices.
Go home.  Make dinner.
Set out kids' clothes for tomorrow.  Give kids bath.
Put on a video while trying to feed kids who aren't hungry and keep them entertained.
Put kids to sleep.
Collapse into bed and then think of all things you *didn't* get done.

Sound familiar?
After reading my cousin's blog this afternoon - it got me thinking.  When do women forget who they were and become someone they never dreamed of being?  Now I know this doesn't pertain to *all* mothers out there, but for the large minority, especially the new mommies, it is a major reality.  I'm *just* starting to feel like I can be me again and my kids are between 5 and 7 years old!

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I remember waking up in the morning when I was single and just taking my time.  Time...how I took it for granted then.  Now it's just running...here, there, everywhere.  That I match my clothes and manage to look pretty presentable to go to work is remarkable sometimes.  I just don't always have the energy.
And those moms that can look pretty darn awesome and still keep it all together?  I really do envy them and I have no idea how they do it!
How do you look so great everyday? My kids usually look way cuter and better clothed than I do!  It's them first, always. 
I don't mind it...at all.  I just don't understand when I became second to everything...

I used to get my hair done pretty much every other month, manis and pedis every two weeks, clothes were always "just right" and then...it just stopped.
And I know I'm not the only one out there.  Right?

Oh gosh, what if I am?  What if I wasn't taught the "secret" to keeping it together?

You know what, though.  I am slowly becoming a better version of who I was.  I take time for myself...at times.  I'm writing again, right?  I actually put mascara on this morning.  My outfit was complimented on...

courtesy of weheartit.com

So maybe it's just a phase we women go through.  We become selfless and nurturing and...second.

But it's never really that bad.  I wouldn't change this time in my life for any of those single days again.
This time in my life kicks those single days in the butt! 
Because now...two very special someones call me "mommy" and a very wonderful and loving man calls me "wifey"...
...so for all those thoughts I get that I'm "letting myself go at times" - it doesn't matter. 

This is a way better version of me : )

~ Nay ~


angie said...

My kids and family are everything to me, but I got completely to the point where I had to go to counseling. I had done what every woman and mother does. I gave up everything I loved. My counselor gave me the best advice and told me I HAD to be selfish every now and then. It is really important to make sure we have the physical, mental, spiritual strength to accomplish all we need to as mothers and we can not do that if we don't take care of ourselves. So happy you are writing again and getting back to doing things you love! That is great! Treat your self to a pedi and getting your hair done. You deserve it! And no body has it together! As I began to talk to Mothers and women all over the world, I found at that we are all in the same boat. Some woman are just really great at faking it. :)

Nay said...

What a wonderful comment - thank you Ms. LV Mama:) Miss ya!