Wednesday, June 8, 2011


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Every week or so I receive a newsletter email from and  These were the first two newsletters I ever subscribed to when I became the facilitator of a bookclub at work, "Reading Women".

I loved the fact that I could enter into giveaways so that my group could win new books to read...also, seeing what books were going to come out on paperback or what was "in" at the moment was pretty cool.  I still enter into the giveaways and when I do win a book, I keep it until the end of the year and raffle them off to the members.  I love doing it and the expression on the ladies when they win always makes me happy : )

This week I received the newsletter from bookreporter and noticed that there were a lot of "read an excerpt" for new reads.  I've linked them below so that you can take a look...and I noticed that some of the excerpts include a review. 

Here are the ones I'm talking about (also note, that some of these books may not be books I'm going to jump out to the store to read, but everyone has different tastes - so maybe one of these fascinates *you*!):

Happy Previewing to You!
~ Nay ~

(All excerpts & reviews are from


Anonymous said...

OMG! The first two books got my attention right away. Thanks for the link. Keep up the great blog my friend!

Nay said...

Thanks Miss Roxie:) and thanks for supporting me!!