Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Book Review: Every Last One

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~ Back of the Book Synopsis ~

Mary Beth Latham has built her life around her family, around caring for her three teenage children and preserving the rituals of their daily life.  When one of her sons becomes depressed, Mary Beth focuses on him, only to be blindsided by a shocking act of violence.  What happens afterward is a testament to the power of a woman's love and determination, and to the invisible lines of hope and healing that connect one human being to another.  Ultimately, as rendered in Anna Quindlen's mesmerizing prose, Every Last One is a novel about facing every last one of the things we fear the most, about finding ways to navigate a road we never intended to travel.

~ Review ~

Doesn't that sound like a book you want to just eat up?!

After reading many reviews about this book and then having the publisher, Random House, send me a winning copy through a random survey I took, I couldn't wait to wrap myself up in this novel.

I loved the first few chapters describing the "start of the day" routine that Mary Beth had - she reminded me of myself.  There was also the scenes where she describes the different friendships she has with two women in her life.

This line made me think, "Yes! I finally found a book I'm going to devour!":
Sometimes there are people you love because you learned to love them a long time ago, because when you say, "Remember the night we went skinny-dipping in the dean's pool?" she does.
I thought of my relationship with my best friend while I read that.  Ms. Quindlen had captured the essence of that friendship that is sometimes so hard to explain to others.

...and then...

I kept reading...and reading off and on - you don't get a lot of time to read when you have a full-time job, kids, college work, kids...- but at one point, I had to stop.  Mary Beth was a little over-bearing.  She just didn't grab me.  I didn't want to hear her voice anymore.  I kept waiting for something to happen...

...and it did finally.  The climax, what I had been waiting for...that "oh my!" moment...but as soon as it came, it quickly went and I had to rush through the book to make it end.

Unfortunately, I wasn't thrilled with this book, but it may not mean you won't be.  (So many had written how *wonderful* it was going to be!) As I said before, I had read some great reviews for this novel and I had hoped for the best.  But you know how people can build things up for you and then your expectations are so high that when you finally have a chance to experience it...it just fizzles?  That's what happened to me...

Maybe it won't fizzle for you...

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Off to hopefully wrap myself *completely* into another novel - 'til next time!
Happy Reading,
~ Nay ~


Laurie said...

Thanks for the kinda funny but insightful review. I love the chatty tone. I found you through the Small Blogs Big Giveaway blog hop and am now a new follower.
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avisannschild said...

Ah it's always disappointing when you have high expectations for a novel and it then somehow falls flat. When that happens, I often wonder if it's just because my expectations were too high, or would I not have enjoyed the book that much anyway? I have mixed feelings about Anna Quindlen's writing: I loved her first novel, but her later ones have not worked so well for me. I'll probably give this one a pass.

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Nay said...

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