Thursday, June 2, 2011

Booking Through Thursday!

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Do you read book reviews? Whose do you trust? Do they affect your reading habits? Your buying habits?
I am an avid book review reader.  I love reading reviews and seeing how others feel about a book.  I am a big fan of not saying too much about the book, but just enough to grab you.  I absolutely ♥ love ♥ books and, as I've said before, making lists of books I would love to read.  I used to print out the reviews to remind me about a book to get or to put on my "to be read" list, but that stopped a while ago.  I noticed that all those printed reviews were just wasting space on my desk and I wasn't actually reading the reviews at all. 

I am big on "going to do this one day" lists...especially on books, reading, writing - anything in that realm.  My all-time favorite book reviewer is Kristen Galles from Book Club Classics (BCC).  She puts just the right amount of information in the review, gives honest opinions, passages that caught her attention, and then (in the case she wasn't too thrilled about the book) something nice to say as to not persuade you against it.  Her reviews used to make my TBR lists and print-outs monopolize my desk, but now I just go back to her blog and look through to find what I want.  Her blog is easy to read and wonderful to search through.  Also, if I'm not reading a review, I'm looking at her book lists - which are always top-notch!

I don't think the reviews have a big effect on my reading habits or buying habits.  Especially not on my buying habits!  I haven't bought a book in a few years now...either I win them through BCC or other book-ish blogs and websites or I borrow them from the library or awesome friends.  Sometimes, and this doesn't happen much at all, I'll break down and *have* to buy one : )

I have been truly blessed in these last few years not to have to buy books!  My family's budget got really tight a few years ago, so my favorite things had to stop - daily Starbucks, books, spa trips - but it was a hidden gift, really.  Receiving books, my once-in-a-while coffee trip, or a gift to go to the spa is now *truly* a wonderful experience.  I am very grateful, and more often than not, humbled by these little "gifts".

About Booking Through Thursday and a snippet about this meme:
Copy the questions, paste them into your blog and answer them.When you're done, come back here and post a quick comment or trackback letting everyone know so we can read your responses. Be sure to leave a link to your actual post! (Just type in the web-address--Wordpress will automatically turn it into a link for you.)If you don't have a blog yet, then just post your answers in the Comments area for the set of questions you are responding to.
Lastly, no, you do NOT have to answer on Thursdays. Please feel free to answer any time you want, we're just glad to have you."

I hope to finish the book I'm reading *this* weekend!  I want to start doing my own reviews!

Hoping you'll enjoy them as much as I enjoy writing them : )
~ Nay ~


Tribute Books Mama said...

Great answer.

here's mine:

Nay said...

Thank you TBM:) Can't comment on your post, but now I want to know who your favorite reviewer is!

Sally said...

I like to read reviews but I don't base my book buying decisions on them. I love that you print out reviews you like!

Blessed Rain said...

I will post my answer on my blog and on the (here) link, but feel you should also know part of it.

I never read professional reviewers. If I like the Author I read it or read the back. If its in the subject category I read what its about and go from there.

If I read reviews (like I write them) I only read fellow bloggers - people that I know aren't getting paid for it or putting on a show. Someone that the book touched so much they want to write a blurb about it.
Those are truth, they are gems and whether I read them or not only depends of if its my type of book - most of the time I am willing to stretch the bounds if someone truly loves it.

Nay said...

♥ this answer!

Nay said...

@Sally -
Thanks for visiting!

Kristen said...

Thank you so much, Renee! :) I'm so enjoying reading your blog, too!