Thursday, June 9, 2011


I was about to write my "word of the week" post, but I had to write this first and get it off my mind...if I don't do it now, I won't be able to sleep.

Is it normal to have that *guilt* feeling?  Guilt that I've taken some time for myself tonight? 

I just finished taking my nightly long bath, reading in the tub for, like a half hour (!), and then when I get out I have this overwhelming feeling of guilt. 

"I'm not with the kids..."
"I'm not spending quality time with my family..."
"I took a bath instead of setting the coffeemaker for tomorrow morning or doing the dishes..."

Then the first thing, I do after I get dressed is tell the kids it's time to go to sleep...leave my hubby...and then go "blog"...

Am I being overly absorbed with myself?  Giving myself *too much* "ME" time?

I was texting with my neice right before writing this and she said we deserve this...but we are women and we have the "guilt factor".

Is it just women, though?  Or is it us moms, wives...?

Your thoughts?  Just want to know if I'm *not* alone in what I'm feeling...



MW said...

Nay, Nay, dearest Nay, not alone. I know this feeling too well I think. My brain keeps telling me I need this time to myself, I really do, but then the guilt factor kicks in. Not sure if it will ever go away but sure hope so.
Mums are not only mums, wives are not only wives, we are also us.. so let's keep practicing and hopefully we will find the balance that is ever so needed.
Love u!

Nay said...

Thanks primita - nice to know we're not alone out there...