Monday, June 13, 2011

On Writing...

My true love is writing.  But before I started writing everyday on this blog, I was just writing whenever a thought came to my head...on little slips of paper, on post-its, on the sides of paper that I was supposed to be writing class notes on...everywhere.

At other times, I was writing was when it was requested.  See, I do this little thing on the side that I always thought would be a great business, a service for people.  I write for people.

Do you want to write a love note to your sweetie, say sorry to someone, respond to a singles ad, reply to a business email, send condolences?  I do it for you.  I don't do it a lot, but people who know me, know I can write.  I put your emotions that you can't put in words, well, into words.  And it's one of my favorite things to do!

I have a friend whose daughter is getting married.  She has raised this child on her own - by herself - with no one to help her.  This is a very special moment to see her daughter become someone's wife and, finally, let her go into a new phase of her life.  In the beginning, we would have lunch and she would share with me...all the emotions she was going through, how thrilled she was for her daughter...

One afternoon at lunch, she told me that she had received the order for her daughter's wedding shoes.  It was going to be a surprise and she wanted to figure out a way to make it special.  We put our heads together, and on the back of a piece of paper, I wrote down a note to her daughter from her.  I can't remember the exact words I wrote down, but when my friend read them, she cried.  It was exactly what she had wanted to say.  I had wrote something along the lines of, "I gave you the first shoes you put on your little feet to take your first steps.  Now I give you these, to take the steps down the path to your new life and love."

It touched her so that she asked me to write a couple of verses for her daughter's wedding.  I don't know exactly which one she picked (I told her I wanted to be surprised), but it gave me pure joy to be asked.  I am truly humbled that someone would ask me to write for such a special occasion.  I asked her daughter if it was okay to share the verses here:

Take my hand
Take my heart
Walk down this path with me
When we look back at the steps we have taken
Many years from now
May we remember that those were the steps that
God had destined for us
Today is the beginning of our future
After today, I will be sealed to you for always
From this day forward I am yours
You are mine
Two lives intertwined
I see my future walking towards me
My hand takes yours
The words are promised
Our love is bound together by a kiss
Now I know what forever really is
Your eyes find me
Your arms protect me
Your breath takes me in
Our love is one
Yesterday, today, and tomorrow

Being inspired by others is truly magical.  I hope I will have the opportunity to do this again.

With Love and Light,
~ Nay ~


Alexandra said...

Beautiful story! Inspiration comes in different shapes and forms, but your are right "being inspired by others is truly magical". Found your blog through Blogs by Latinas. I was looking for fellow writers just like me.

Nay said...

Hi Alexandra,
Thanks for stopping by!