Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Project Hola!


I've been wanting to blog about this little (well, hopefully huge) project I heard about last month on Facebook.  ProjectHola!

Here's some info on it from the FB page:

What might the world be like if we knew everyone by name?
Let's find out - together. On September 3, 2011 -
Just wear a name tag, and go about your day.
The name tag will be an invitation, extended to all, to be friendly, to enjoy each other's company and to embrace our obviously gregarious human nature

Check out more on this fabulous humanitarian project at

It doesn't seem like something hard to do, huh?
Wear a name tag and be friendly!

I think we can all do that!
~ Nay ~

September 3rd - Don't Forget!


Eric said...

Hi Renee,
Thanks for this blog post and thank you for helping to spread the word!
From San Miguel de Allende,
=) Eric

Nay said...

Hi Eric! Thanks for stopping by!

Theresa Ip Froehlich said...

At times I come out of meetings forgetting to take my name tag off. I am surprised that strangers like the grocery store cashier called me by name. Weird but great feeling!
Just hopped over from Blogfrog to visit you.

Coach Theresa

Nay said...

Hi Coach:)
Hope we figure out a way to get you my paper:)