Tuesday, June 28, 2011

summer wish list

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go to the beach with the family
make a picnic lunch and take a nice, beginner's hike
one or two craft nights with the kids
free library events for kids
check out the city's rec center for free dance or zumba classes
cupcake/cake/cookie saturdays
make jell-o with the kids
make smores
go to the community pool as a family
take at least a day or two off from work
decorate our new place and make it a home
watch the kids play at golf camp

that's my summer wish list...
what's yours?

good wishes
~ nay ~


Blessed Rain said...

Done off my list
Half of the kitchen
Install ceiling fans (3)

Middle of
Building shed

To do
Grow boxes
Picnic table and benches
Redo down stairs bathroom

Ally Simons said...

Read as many books as I can.
Buy more sun dresses!
Make jam and pickle some veggies.
Enjoy my neighborhood more.
Go bike riding along the harbor.
Paint my nails bright summery colors.

Love your list- hope you can get lots of summery fun things checked off!

Ally @ Tiny Wallet Style