Friday, June 10, 2011

Well ... There You Go

I was listening to this song just now (it's a old one but I've had it in my head all morning) and then BAM! ~ big old fat flashback:

What was it, in the mid-90s? I'd be riding in my girlfriend's car with my feet on the dash, the music on full blast, and the windows wide open. Taco Bell or Tommy's food stops, a drive to hang out at some boy's house (ha!), lazy days by the pool...and that would be just one day in the summer.

There are so many songs that bring me back to a memory and experience of long ago...some are funny (or often crack-up-out-loud funny) while others are just, well, not.  Music makes me have a good cry (a happy one or sad) takes over and puts me into this different space. 
I remember my dark years ("no one understands one knows how I feel") and Linkin Park's first album blasted with me everywhere I went.
Or, how about my first crush?  "I'll be loving you forevaaaaa!" (New Kids on the Block) sung at the top of my lungs : )
My first heartbreak (not the same person, by the way), the *whole* Waiting to Exhale soundtrack... 
Anything by Jodeci reminds me of my best friend and all of our adventures (!)
A CD came out with Baby Face's greatest hits and I bought it (this is back in '99 or so).  It made me cry like I never had and remember my last broken heart.  By the way, that one was my hubby - years after our last break-up and two years before we got back together I hear any song from that CD and smile ♥
Music is awesome that remembers.
Here's to you and yours...hope you hear a "good memory" song today!
~ Nay ~
(PS:  hey B.G.A.K.: this one was for you...143)


Heather said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm following back! :) Looks like we already have a lot in common. I'm a huge P!nk fan! :)

Heather From and Mommy Only Has 2 Hands!

Nay said...

Awesome:) See you around the neighborhood!