Friday, June 17, 2011

Word of the Week (4)

Word of the Week:
These are thoughts that overwhelmed me this morning.  It is not a short story, a mini-clip...I guess it's a poem (?)...but I do know it is my final step of closure.

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Tears of joy flow down my cheeks
I am whole again
to feel
to love

The recovery* of my soul
is shining
that nothing will hurt again

Overwhelming emotion
fills me
lifts me
endures within me

Touches every single part of me
nothing wrong this time
that nothing will hurt me again

Death helps
His death to free me
nothing to torment me

never to keep secrets again
never to go through those troubling feelings again
never to feel that again
never to keep secrets again
never again

with every breath that is
within me
I will recover, survive
never a victim again

~ Nay ~

1 comment:

Blessed Rain said...

Beautiful! I should add poetry to the list - simply wonderful!
Sorry I took so long to post but mine is up as well as your link!
Thanks for your continued participation I love your writing!