Thursday, June 2, 2011

Word of the Week - Water

Every Monday on the blog, Trying to get Published, a word of the week is given (just like last week).  I am using a mini-clip as my submission : )
This week's word:  Water...
Hope you enjoy this next scene (kind of another idea trailing behind last week's post of *Sense*).

“Call me…please”
“Give me a chance to explain.”
“Why are you doing this to us? Please call…”
“I can’t understand why you are acting like this. Are you going through with it? I need to know!”
“I can’t believe you! I need to know what’s happening!”
“Where are you? You moved?! You just leave like a selfish piece of…”

As he stood in the shower, water* trickling down his back, he thought of all those text messages and unanswered voice mails he left her. She didn’t give him a chance to answer, ever.

“I’m pregnant,” she said. He could only look down, shock going through his head. When he looked up, she was walking out the door. He ran after her. How could he not! He hadn’t responded fast enough and now he saw her walking away, furious. He knew that she was this way, too fast to react to anything he ever said or if his body language betrayed him.
Months went by with him trying to get in touch with her. He went to her mother’s house, but all that wretched, self-serving matriarch could say was, “She’s not her no more and she don’t want nothin’ to do with you. You done her wrong just like her Daddy!”

That woman! “I raised her all by myself. Never needed no man to get in the way of me and my baby.” She brainwashed her daughter to think all men leave. But they were only seventeen! What was he supposed to say to, “I’m pregnant”? Jump up in the air.

For weeks all he could think of was her. Her smile, her long curly hair wrapped around his finger when they made love, the way she would tease him, the way she could light up his world when she looked at him across the school halls. They met by chance. They were from different circles in school. They weren’t supposed to be “together”. That’s what all his friends would tell him.

“She’s nothing but trouble.”
“Why do you wanna mess with white trash like that?”
“You could have anyone here and you want her?"

Yes, he wanted her and he got her. It wasn’t easy. She was tough to get to know or even try to talk to. But, he did it and he couldn’t remember how. All he knew was that she was gone now. She couldn’t be found. It was as though she was water* going down the drain of that shower. Lost…

But he wasn’t going to lose. That wasn’t his style. He may not be ready to be a father, but he wasn’t going to lose this fight. She wanted to be found. She always wanted to be found.
And he was the one who would make sure that water* wouldn’t go down that drain to nowhere…

….he would find a way to get every single drop in a bottle where he could keep her close to him forever.

With or without that baby…


Blessed Rain said...

Love the view point - the duality - how it really bring the two stories together!

Nay said...

Thanks neighbor:)