Thursday, July 14, 2011

Crotcheting in Vegas...

Crotchet Momma - Vegas Style!
 This momma of 4 (she's expecting her 4th this summer!) is my talented woman of the week!
And again, I am so very biased
because she is my beautiful neice from Vegas...

This is one very special woman with a heart of gold and discovering that she had an art to share made my soul happy. 
( ! )

 *Ro* is currently at home, on bed rest, with a one-year-old (and two tweeners!), but she still has time to crotchet these *pretty darn cool* creations.  I love the beanies (if only I didn't look weird in hats, I'd definitely have to "borrow" one from her...), but the little dollies are my fave!
And another thing that makes her absolutely fab?  She's the older sister of one of my other talented women (see post Wisdom, Love & Light)!

cute, right?!

There were so many creations to choose
 from for this post!
It was hard for me to *just* choose these : )

Thank you my dearest *Ro* for letting me share your talent! 
I know it took a lot of work to get the pics and you're really busy,
but thank you for not being to busy for me!
Love ya!

Are you a talented woman (or man, by the way!)???
Would you like to be featured on
Post a comment : )
Come on, you know you want to!

~ Nay ~

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