Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday! You're Here!

Good Morning Dear Ones :)
Hope you are excited about Friday as much as I am!  Best day, this week, because today I get to choose my winner for my 100 follower giveaway.  Entries are due at Noon (California time!)
So here we go...

Hosted by Ginger @ gReads
This Friday's Question:
Character Envy:
If you could be one character from a book,
who would you choose & why?
Totally easy question! Duh!
Um...that's Bella Swan, by the way, from the Twilight Saga...just in case you couldn't figure it out. : )
And, why, you ask?
Uh, two pretty hot little reasons:
Can you say "Edward" and "Jacob"?
{{devilish grin}}
But, seriously, I remember being like Bella when I was a teenager...unsure about love and my life.  And then {{BAM!}} everything went clear...
and at just the prefect time for me...
right when the "teens" were over - the day I turned 20!

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these two photos found on we♥it
Layers & Sparkle
Night Out
these two photos found on girl with curves...
I am *loving* the belted cardigan/jacket look!
I want to *definitely* try it when it gets cooler (in the Fall) or on a cool summer night by the beach...
{{sigh}} looks like heaven to me : )

Hosted by Erika @ rouge & whimsy
What has you feeling grateful this week?
Actually, the question for me this week is "WHO has you feeling grateful this week?"

My 100 (and 7 ! ) Followers...and 28-ish subscribers...
I love knowing you, meeting you on here, and reading your comments, blogs, your stories...just about everything!
A week ago or so, Dear Amber posted about who would be interested in doing a Guest Post.  So I emailed her and voila ( ! ), I sent her my very first ever guest post entry!
Yay!  Thanks for the opportunity Amber!

Miss Lena mentioned my giveaway on her bloggy!  So sweet!  And I absolutely felt humbled by it : ) I feel as though I've found a bloggy friend in her...
Chocolate Pudding Cups!
Because this weekend, this ingredient is going to help make the best yummily moist cupcakes for the kids!
My kids...
they leave me speechless and take my breath away with all the love they give me...
These two gorgeous creatures are...
....well, mine!  And that makes everything worthwhile : )

Hope your Friday is Happy!
Winner announced a lil later : )
Good Luck!
~ Nay ~


Fran said...

It's nice to see someone who isn't ashamed to say they like twilight!

Happy Friday

here's my post:

Anne Bennett said...

You picked Bella for the same essential reason that I picked Elizabeth Bennett.


Ruby Girl said...

ooo love the belted cardigan look too! especially when, like the ones you've picked, the belt has something different going on like a bow or some fancy shmancy deeliwhop, ya know? :) <3