Monday, July 11, 2011

Hey Mr. DJ!

I'm back!  Hope you all didn't miss me too much : }

Guess what?! 
My hubby and I actually had a date night on Saturday.  It was so fun! 

My dear friend's daughter got married on Saturday (gorgeous ceremony and fun reception, by the way...) and the reception ended around 11:30pm...

...but the night was still young and my awesome hubby says, "Let's got to The Havana House."  One of my husband's best friends from high school is a DJ, so we thought we would surprise him and see him do his thing...

via DeeJay Rhythmic FB page
And can I tell you that this was the best part of the night!  Seeing DeeJay Rhythmic's face when we came into The Havana House was priceless!  We haven't see DeeJay Rhythmic for a couple of years and since having kids my hubby and I don't go do the bar or clubbing thing being able to see DeeJay Rhythmic was great. 

Our dear friend has become even more talented than I can remember and we got special treatment by being able to be with him behind the DJ booth.  I was thrilled!  Anything with music and the craft of DJ-ing has always fascinated me...and everything is so COOL! 

via DeeJay Rhythmic FB page
DeeJay Rhythmic is set up with the most high-tech stuff I've seen...mind you, I haven't been able to see someone do their DJ thing in years (think MC Hammer - well, not that long ago, but you get the point!).  But I must say the best part of the night was hearing all the music I love and seeing how DeeJay Rhythmic just made everything flow perfectly.  Each sound worked together and every new song that he put on was fascinating...he would start with some New Wave/80s then go to Old Skool hip hop and melt into Salsa!  True awesome-ness! 
via FB page
So thank you DeeJay Rhythmic for giving me that wonderful experience behind the DJ booth...another thing I can check off my "things to do before old age hits" list : )

~ Nay ~

In California? 

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