Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wednesday ♥


Favorite day of the week, again : ) Thank you to Krystina at lollipops!
 Oh, there are just so many things that I've been thinking about this morning...
(in no particular order 'cause pretty much they're all *divine* to me!)

whimsical organization using this because it makes me happy and in control...but in a fun way!


walking through aisles of yarn...I haven't knitted in years...but, oh, the possibilities of scarves I would make for all my girlies : )  [Hoping to have a post this week for "Talented Women" on my favorite knitter!]

  keeping it real...enough said...
love this's not because of summer, either ('cause being from California, I am *not* a huge fan of the heat...I know, weird) just smells so good...I wonder if Coppertone makes moisturizer or somethin'??? 


walking on grass without any shoes the feel and coolness on my footsies : )

always in search of a yummy-licious belgian waffle! my hubby and i try them every chance we get...

What are your Wednesday Loves this week?
~ Nay ~


jackie b central texas said...

Live online chat tonight with authors Caridad Pineiro and Larissa Ione if one of the things I have found for Wednesday love this week Nay... Hope you can join in in 7 hours from now it promises to be lots of fun and interesting....

I also love barefoot in the grass walks and my main love of Wednesday is that it means week is half over and my sweetie gets to be off 2 days and relax at home with us, also means we run errands but they are fun as long as we are together!

Kate Evangelista said...

I love the quote, and basically everything about this post. :-) For me? It's getting to watch Harry Potter today.

Jacky {The Sweetest Petunia} said...

I love those boxes for organizing! I often let organizing slip by unnoticed, but I do enjoy making sure everything has it's proper place. ;)