Monday, July 25, 2011

Rock That Body!

I want to get up & "shake it" just listening to this song!  But I think people at work might get just a tiny bit shocked if I stood up from my cubicle and started rockin' what my mama gave me, right?! : )

So the next best thing? Listening to this song and sharing stuff with you that I think *ROCKS* : )

Being a girl with curves and being a tad bit voluptuous can be daunting.  It's taken me a while to feel comfortable in my body and know how to dress with the extra pounds.  But I have plenty of inspiration through wonderfully fashionista girlfriends and these two blogs I just love:

My very fashionista girlfriend in Lima, Fiorella, started a blog a month or so ago called "Divina Ejecutiva" (Beautiful/Divine Executive).  Not only does she touch on topics of time management and anti-anxiety for the career woman, she also gives you ideas of what to wear (no matter your size), how to accessorize, and build a great wardrobe.  Her bloggy is in Spanish, but I think we all can appreciate looking at the photos she takes of her "looks of the week":

To see more, go to Divina Ejecutiva...

and another blog I just recently found is of
Everyday she has the greatest looks for women with curves...I like to get new ideas from her and, sometimes, she has me thinking, "I have one of those! Now I know what to put it together with..."
My favorite part is that there's a tab called Outfits so you can see every single outfit!  Here are some that she put together:

June 2011
February 2011
Check out Tanesha's blog at girl with curves - you'll be happy you did!

Now go out and ♫ rock your body ♫ - even if you can't jump out of your cubicle to do so!  It's all in the spirit and heart, so smile like nobody's watchin'!

Happy Monday!
~ Nay ~


Fiorella said...

wohooo!! I´m your peruvian curvy girlfriend! oh yeah! Love it... and that song is on my ipod every morning to sheer me up!

Love you!

Nay said...

{{wink wink}} love ya too, mi limeña!