Thursday, July 21, 2011

Talented ~ L. A.-tino Style!

Happy Thursday!
Today is not only my usual Talented Woman Day...this time ( ! ) it's *Talented Man* Day!

I'm happy to introduce to you to my very dear friend, "LAG," and the very first Talented Man on my bloggy...

LAG and I have worked together since our late 20s and, not only an invaluable colleague, but a very good friend.  When you want a chuckle or just the right response to a difficult question, call LAG : )
And, more than that, he's humble...
((in his email to me after I asked to feature him..."OH YOU MAKE ME FEEL HUMBLE! Yes, I have finished some pieces! Oh, wow! I would love that…very cool of you."))
...and proud of his heritage.  When I looked at the art he shared with me for this blog post, I saw his pride come through - shining through.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!!
So without further delay...


"LAG Through the Mind of Frida"

A little bit about him : )

Martin “L.A. Girdam” Madrigal (LAG) is a self-taught artist who started his passion for art at the age of five, thanks to his grandmother’s gift of a pad of paper and pencil.

Not until very recently did LAG discover that there was more to drawing black art pieces; he started experimenting in color and the first three are but the beginning to brighter (literally) and greater things. In addition, he is also a photographer – another medium he recently discovered he has talent in. His art work is starting to get noticed: he was invited to show (the very first time ever) at an art event in Los Angeles entitled the “Royal Rumble,” by curator and well-established artist and Disney animator, Antonio Pelayo.

Martin is presently working on a web page where can he be contacted about his artwork, as well as photography.

Thank you amigo for sharing yourself with my blog-olicious family...
~ Nay ~

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