Monday, July 4, 2011

Talented Women - San Francisco, Baby! (Part 2!)

There are people who just have talent...big ways, small ways...
but just talent that comes from the heart...
During Spring Break this year, my family and I got to spend some time with family in San Francisco.  It was a great time just relaxing, eating, just "being"
with people you care about.
I had the privilege of meeting a cousin while we were there...
and just knowing her made me happy.  She has a glorious spirit and does some beautiful things with her hands.


 Fun Nails

Face Painting and Just Being Proud of SF

She does *all* of this and I'm proud to be surrounded by so many talented women all the time...So proud of my cuzz, Ms. Tiffany Anne : )

With love,
~ Nay ~

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