Thursday, August 25, 2011

Book Review: Moloka'i

Moloka’i  by Alan Brennert
This richly imagined novel, set in Hawai'i more than a century ago, is an extraordinary epic of a little-known time and place---and a deeply moving testament to the resiliency of the human spirit.

Rachel Kalama, a spirited seven-year-old Hawaiian girl, dreams of visiting far-off lands like her father, a merchant seaman. Then one day a rose-colored mark appears on her skin, and those dreams are stolen from her. Taken from her home and family, Rachel is sent to Kalaupapa, the quarantined leprosy settlement on the island of Moloka'i. Here her life is supposed to end---but instead she discovers it is only just beginning.

With a vibrant cast of vividly realized characters, Moloka'i is the true-to-life chronicle of a people who embraced life in the face of death. Such is the warmth, humor, and compassion of this novel that "few readers will remain unchanged by Rachel's story" (

My Thoughts...

I can't even begin to figure out how to describe this novel.  Before I even try to do that, I want to thank my cousin in San Francisco, Tiffany, for reading this book.  If I hadn't noticed her reading it and asked her about it, I wouldn't have even known about this book!  So thanks *cuzzin*!

The first word I think of when trying to tell you about Moloka'i is...Epic.  This is a novel of just about everything you can think of that can happen in someone's life.  This novel is fiction but read like a memoir you don't want to put down.

I loved Rachel...I experienced every single situation with her - her ordeal of being taken away from the only family she had ever known, her fears, her delights, the ocean, the relationships, the people she encounters.  I don't want to give one ounce of this book away because I want you to read it.  Read it now!

Mind you, there were times I just wanted to put it down because it got a little too descriptive in parts, but all in all, I enjoyed it.  I *just* finished reading it, laughing with it, crying with the writing is very very fresh and vibrant in my thoughts.  And that, people, is exactly what I like to get out of a novel.  "It stays with me..."

I'm a little overwhelmed with how I felt about this novel and am pretty much - very - sure I will continue to read Brennert's novels about Hawaii...

Will you enjoy this?
I do truly hope so...because wouldn't it be just awful if this review wasn't completely truthful?
And that's one thing about me...
When it comes to books - I *always* tell the truth!
: )
Happy Reading!
~ Nay ~

Rating:  8 out of 10
Reason:  I don't know...but that's the number that comes to my brain...maybe because it's a little long for most people.


Marina said...

Thanks for sharing, I will definitely read it!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I'm always looking for new books so thanks for the rec!!

SenoraG said...

I listened to the audio book and loved it. Epic describes it perfectly.