Thursday, September 1, 2011

I♥BW with Bookishly Boisterous : )

I Blogging Week!
Hi there...
Yes, I'm still on you miss me at least a little yet?!
I ♥ Blogging Week continues with this wonderfully sassy book blogger...
I just recently discovered her and am very happy I did!
So without further ado...
You're on a deserted island (well, let's not make it totally deserted...just a fantasy island kinda place...) and you can bring three tings with you. What are they?
A Norton Anthology for reading, a bottle of tequila for forgetting, and some toothpaste for brushing. Island or no island, poor oral hygiene is never acceptable.

Fill in the blanks
I wish I had followed through and gone to medical school, because now I would be a doctor and not a slave to almost 200 teenagers a day (I do love my teaching high school English, but the grass is always greener…) .

Word Association
Blog= Outlet
Family= Later
Crafty= Nope
Love= Necessary
Funny= Sometimes

Using the letters of your bloggy, describe your bloggy).
Lasting (hopefully)
(we’ll stop there... I’ve never been great at acrostic poetry)

Describe your blog and what you see in the future for it.
I write a book blog that allows me to be as feisty and opinionated as I want to be, but also gives me the opportunity to write, which is something I love to do (but can’t commit to doing fulltime right now). I focus more on literary issues and ideas, rather than just reviews (I generally do them once a month as a recap of what I’ve read). My main interest is quality contemporary literature, although I have been trying to read the occasional non-fiction title.
I know at times my blog can come off as “raw,” as a good friend says. I get up on my soapbox and the sarcasm starts flowing, but at the end of the day it’s really just all in good fun. I think we all have our “blogging voice” in the same way we may act different with our coworkers or family. As my byline says, “Relax. I’m still a semi-nice person.”
I don’t expect the blog to ever “take off”- it’s a niche market and the advertising isn’t necessarily as abundant as it is for other types of blogs. Of course an increase in traffic is always a nice thing, as are additional followers and comments. Interacting with others and learning about other blogs through my own is always rewarding.
Thanks to Nay for having me! If you have a second stop by the blog and say hi!

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Thanks for visiting Christine!  It's been a pleasure!
See you next week everybody!
~ Nay ~

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