Monday, August 22, 2011

I ♥ Blogging...

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On that note...just a little
Head's Up!

Next week (aug 29 - sept 2), I'll be on vacation...

No internet all.
The kids are starting school ~ I'll be trying to add a college class this semester (all classes are closed, so I have to beg to get in! ugh...)~ doctor's appointment ~ doing nothing ~ and then, enjoying just being home...

But, not to worry : }
Cover to Cover will still be ON : ]
I won't be, but everyone else will be
because next week will be the week of...
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I'm thrilled to have some wonderful bloggers do guest posts for me while I'm away...
They are some of my favorite bloggers and I hope you'll enjoy them too!

~ Nay ~

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mama marchand said...

LOVE that quote. I think I need to frame that. :)