Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"Taking Over My Tuesday" Mama

I Blogging Week

Isn't it interesting how you just get to know a person and you feel like you're instantly accepted into the family and that you belong somehow?  That's what *Mama* (Tricia) does for people.  I am very thrilled to have her on my bloggy this week while I'm away...

You're on a deserted island (well, let's not make it totally deserted...just a fantasy island kinda place...) and you can bring three things with you.  What are they?
My iPhone (I’m obsessed), my tweezers (a girl’s gotta pluck her eyebrows even if there’s nobody there), and my refrigerator filled with food (hey, there was no size limit!).
Fill in the blanks
If I had known how tough it would be to travel with a toddler, I would have taken 20 more vacations before we had our daughter.
What's your favorite easy and yummy recipe for you and your family/friends? It can be any meal.
Strangely enough, my favorite recipe comes from a kid’s cookbook and it’s for a DELICIOUS taco dip with lots of gooey cheese. YUM.
Word Association
Blog= Passion
Family= Life
Crafty= Awesomeness
Love= Sacrifice
Funny= Looking
Using the letters of your name, describe yourself.
Describe your blog and what you see in the future for it.
Mama Marchand’s Musings is a lifestyle blog about the life of this creative mama on my journey to opening my own etsy shop and living my dream. I write about the ups and downs of mamahood, relationships, health, fashion, and everything in between, with a little bit of dry humor and insight thrown in. Come join me on my journey!

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Etsy? Not yet! Fall 2011!

Thanks Mama T for taking over my Tuesday!
You're awesomeness
: )
~ Nay ~

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mama marchand said...

You are SO welcome! I loved this. :) Thanks for the feature & I hope you're having an awesome vacation!