Friday, August 26, 2011

to mama! yes, mama marchand, you!

Lately I've been noticing in our little bloggy world a lot of posts about hardships, negativity in our lives, and trying to get through some trials & tribulations...

I've also seen and read posts of joy and positivity...which makes me think, "this too shall pass..."

This week {especially} I have been looking in on one of my favorite blogs and instantly wanted to write a post about it, to encourage her and let her know she's not alone...

you're not alone.
You have all of us here.
You can do it.
This too shall pass.
You're in His grip
He will never let you go through anything
He doesn't think you can't handle.
Trust me.

and, of course,
sending you some
'cause you so deserve it!

~ Nay ~

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mama marchand said...

Thank you, lovely friend. :)