Friday, September 30, 2011

...real quick...

Don't have much time to post today, so I'm going just say this:
I love this post --> happy birthday busy
So I saw this on pinterest and smiled because it reminded me of Pidg's Busy...
Pinned Image

and did you notice Soleil Selene's recent posts?
Check these out:
I love that a huge-oh-so-awesome blogger is out to help us newbies!
{and it makes me kinda "how cool am I?" that we're doin' the same kinda thing!}
She's started a blog hop!  Can I tell you that I have gotten so many new followers from it this week!
Welcome to the fambam, new followers!

And I got lucky this week!!
{hey now - get your mind outta the gutter - he he!}
I got emails saying You Won!
Which doesn't it just make anyone's day?
Now if only my luck would be used for the lottery {so I can get that internet at home!! right, Pidg!? Hey don't forget to call Santa!}

Lots of hugs and besitos {that's spanish!  so special, huh?: )}...
~ Nay ~

Next week is the first "Check Out Her Bloggy!!" guest post!
Come back on Monday to see who you'll meet...

Thursday, September 29, 2011

another thought this thursday...

Pinned Image
Oh, so that's it?
Realization of truth?
That's all I have to do?

Um, way harder than it looks.

But then I realize...
...this is exactly where I'm supposed to be.
...this was His plan all along.
...this is something I cannot question.
...this is something I just have to take in, breathe in, with open arms!

{I understand that this post may be a little unusual...but I understand it...and when I get the umph! to post about it, I will}
~ Nay ~ 

ps:  got this "pin" from Salena Lee's pinboard on pinterest...oh my goodness, she's got some great stuff on hers!
pps:  Send some prayers and good thoughts to Salena...she's having some hard times at the moment...
mama marchand’s musings

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Maxi & Long {skirts + dresses!}

What I Love Wednesdays:
Maxi Dresses and Long Skirts!
Love long dresses
This is what I love about pinterest...I think of something I {heart} and POOF!
my heart's desire all pops up on the screen...{!}

But while I was looking at these...I had a thought (I know - uh-oh)...does this work for everyone???
What about a almost 5'4" plus-size girl like me?
I'm wearing a maxi dress today...I don't feel *maxi*, but yes, a little swooshy...
What are your thoughts on this style?
How else can I dress up a maxi dress or long skirt for work?

As always...
Linking up with Krystina @

Thanks for stopping by!
~ Nay ~

Dishin' It with Chef Marco!

Good Morning Lovely People!
Today is the first installment of something new I wanted to share with you every month.   I have a feeling after reading and seeing this new feature, you'll look forward to it each and every month!
Dishin' It with Chef Marco"

Hi! I’m Marquito McCusker, but everyone calls me Marco. I started my cooking career in 1995 at a small café that specialized in gourmet cheeses and sandwiches in Silver Lake, California. In the beginning it was just making lattés & cappuccinos, but when things happen – they happen!

One day the regular cook called out sick and there wasn’t anybody to cook for the day. My supervisor asked me if I would be willing to cook for the day. I was so nervous! (really wanting to say no because I was scared), but I told him,”Sure, I can!”. After half the day cooking and receiving so many compliments on the food, I fell in love - hard.

I always had a natural ability and passion to cook. I didn’t go to culinary school but was taken under the wing of a Master Chef from the Culinary Institute of America. I met this chef in 2000 at the Huntington Library in Pasadena, California where I took on my first roll as a Sous Chef. This is when my career took off! I have worked with some really great chefs and at great establishments since.

I get my inspiration from working with fresh ingredients that are grown from the very earth we walk on…and the feeling I get by make people happy with the simplicity of food, of course! There is nothing like using fresh fruits, vegetables, prime meats, and seafood to put at the family table. The rewards are astonishing. I believe it is critical for us to eat at home and to cook using only fresh ingredients. Cooking at home brings a healthy life style to our families...

Remember: Eat fresh and live a healthy life!!! I hope you enjoy this dish from my kitchen to yours!

Turkey, Spinach & Eggplant Ragout
{with whole-grain rotini}
Serves 6
1.5 lbs fresh lean ground turkey
1- 12 oz box whole grain rotini pasta
1 large Italian eggplant ½ inch dice
½ large or 1 small brown onion medium dice
4 garlic cloves rough chopped
1 bunch fresh spinach, washed & hand torn
½ bunch Italian parsley course chopped (save sprigs for garnish)
3 Tbls olive oil
24 fl oz or 1 quart home made Alfredo sauce / or store bought
For Pasta:
In a large pot, bring 3 quarts salted water to a boil.
Add pasta & cook for 8-10 minutes or to desired state
Poor pasta in a strainer and run cold water over to stop cooking process
NOTE: Always salt you’re water if cooking pasta or blanching vegetables.
If you want the sauce to stick nicely to pasta, do not oil pasta water & be sure to drain pasta well, excess water will thin out sauce.
For Ragout:
In a large hot soup pot, add oil & cook garlic, onions & eggplant until translucent 2-3 minutes. Add ground turkey and cook for 8-10 minutes, stirring frequently. Add Alfredo sauce and cook on med – low heat for 5-7 minutes until thick. Fold in hand torn spinach, & parsley. Adjust flavor with salt & pepper.
Mix well finished ragout with pasta or plate pasta first & ladle ragout over pasta.Top with fresh shredded parmesan cheese and garlic bread. I wouldn’t recommend cheese & bread if you’re dieting.
This is a light & earthy dish…
Bon Appétit!
Thanks so much, Marco, for sharing your culinary talents with us!  I see great things for you - and I can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve for next time!

Happy Eating!
~ Nay ~

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Book Review Time! {title too long - ha!}

Let’s Take the Long Way Home: a memoir of friendship
By Gail Caldwell
The book…{from google books}
They met over their dogs. Gail Caldwell and Caroline Knapp (author of Drinking: A Love Story) became best friends, talking about everything from their love of books and their shared history of a struggle with alcohol to their relationships with men. Walking the woods of New England and rowing on the Charles River, these two private, self-reliant women created an attachment more profound than either of them could ever have foreseen. Then, several years into this remarkable connection, Knapp was diagnosed with cancer. With her signature exquisite prose, Caldwell mines the deepest levels of devotion, and courage in this gorgeous memoir about treasuring a best friend, and coming of age in midlife. Let’s Take the Long Way Home is a celebration of the profound transformations that come from intimate connection—and it affirms, once again, why Gail Caldwell is recognized as one of our bravest and most honest literary voices.
Gail Caldwell
Gail & Clementine
Caroline & Lucille

My thoughts…{all me}
I received two copies of this book last month from Gail Caldwell (well, I won them!) of the copies was to be given as a gift to a friend.
There was no doubt who I would give this to - my friend is in love with her dog, has dealt with the Big C in many ways through many family members, and she's a good person I met by chance.

This memoir was so very good. I don't really have the words for some reason to say how much I really liked this book. It dealt with so many situations of life in such a short time - alcoholism, death, life, friendship, the bond between women... - so much!
This memoir reminded me of my relationship with the very few and special women in my life - those women that take a special part of every woman's heart. I always say it is so much harder and heartbreaking to lose your best friend...I think it would be easier to break up with a boyfriend instead. But losing a dear girlfriend, the one you tell *everything* to, the one you share with, cry with, laugh with...

Gail captured the very feeling of female friendship and bonds in this memoir...I understood her. I know that you will, too.

Take a minute to see this video about Gail and Caroline's friendship and her memoir:

Should you dive in? 
Yes!  Although at times I felt that I was only reading about Gail, she turned it all around - she put you back on track...the language she uses is beautiful, as well.  8.5 out of 10, by the way.

With happy thoughts and reading to you!
~ Nay ~

Monday, September 26, 2011

It's Monday, Babies!


The newest members of the family...

Jillian and Devin are first cousins born yesterday, just hours apart.
How precious are they?!
{and I can't wait to get to smell those little necks - baby neck smell is the BEST!}

Monday morning turned out to be great.
The end of a wonderful weekend visiting with family...
My hubby woke up with me this morning...
My coffee tastes good...
and seeing these two little babes on my Facebook page...

Happy Monday to you!
~ Nay ~

All you newbie bloggers out there, check out this post!
And to the ones that commented and emailed me already, I'll be contacting you really soon! {Promise!}

Friday, September 23, 2011

Hey Newbie Blogger - Yeah, You!

Are you a new Blogger?
Would you like to be featured on

I remember when I started blogging in May (gosh, it hasn't been that long at all!), my goal for my first year was to get 100 followers.  I wanted to join book tours and everyone was asking for {at least} 100 followers.

I worried and fretted until I got there...and although my blogging plan totally changed, I am nothing without all my followers.  The support, the comments, the all-around sweetness I get from someone reading my's so worth it!

So I want to introduce that feeling to new bloggers!  Something I wish I had when I first started - a blog post kinda like, "Have you heard of this new blog?!"

If you are interested in being featured here, comment on this post...
or go to my FB page; or Twitter {over there}--->
and let me know if you'd like my lovely and wonderfully supportive peeps to know a little bit about you!

Cheers and hope to hear from all you newbies out there!
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Questioned...and Answered

Hey there loves: )
You know what I like about blogging on Fridays?
You don't have to think, "What am I going to blog about today?"
There's plenty of "Q & A"-type memes & hops out there.
So, instead of picking one to do {I couldn't choose which one I wanted!}, I'm picking my two faves!
Here goes!

The Rules:
1. Write a post with your answers provided to each week's questions
2. Place the button in your post so others can find this link back
3. Have fun and come back every week
This Weeks Questions:
1. What was the best vacation you have ever been on?
There have been so many since I've been married...each one with my hubby and the kiddoes has been amazing...well, wait, maybe that spontaneous trip to Sta. Barbara wasn't that exciting...but hey!  we were being spontaneous!
2. What was the first amusement park you ever went to?
Probably Disneyland or Knott's Berry Farm...
I live in California...amusement park country!
3. What is something you are allergic to?
yup - that about sums it up on the allergies
4. What was one kind thing someone did for you today?
Nothing just yet...but, I'm hopeful.  Everyday there's something sweet that will surprise me.
5.What time is it right now where you are?
6. If you could choose to be any color in the crayon box, which one would it be?
I don't know why I just laughed at this
let's say "cornflower"
just sounds nice
7. Whats your favorite quote?
Does a bible verse count?
"For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you.  Plans to give you a hope and a future."
(Jeremiah 29:11)
*MY* bible verse
8. What was your high school mascot?
No, really, I'm not kidding!
You are now reading the blog of the former Glendale High mascot, Mr. Dyno!
So I wore a cute cheerleading skirt with it, okay?
9. Are you a left brain or a right?
I always get this confused...I'm the creative side...definitely NOT the math/science-y side.
10. Vampires or Zombies?
Duh! Vampires...I've been in love with them since I watched Bram Stoker's Dracula...and then Edward...well, how can you *not* love the vampies!

Rules for Five Question Friday:
Copy and paste the following questions to your blog post, answer them, then watch for the linky post to appear Friday morning! Also...and this IS IMPORTANT...have fun!!!

1. Dream job...realistic and completely unrealistic.
Back-up Singer and can decide which one is the realistic one..
You think I could be a good back-up singer?!
2. Do you fart in front of your significant other?
I've known my hubby since I was 14...there's not much I *don't* do in front of him!
3. What's the furthest you've ever traveled from home? How far and where was it?
Home was a lot of places when I was growing up...I travelled to Peru, Costa Rica, El Salvador...those are pretty far from California, right? 
4. How do you celebrate birthday for your kids? Family only or friends? ... Alternate for those without kiddos: How did you celebrate birthdays as a kid?
I always always take the day off for my kids' birthdays...ALWAYS!
It doesn't matter what we do (a birthday party with family or friends&family, a trip to Disneyland or just the park...), we always make it special.
Growing up as a kid?
I can't even remember...I know I had a couple of birthday parties growing up...but the birthdays got better after I turned 19 and just celebrated with my *family* (that family you make, not the one you were born into)...
5. Fave thing about fall?
The smell of the asphalt just after it rained...
yeah - that's some good stuff right there!

Happy Friday Loves!
~ Nay ~

Are you the winner?! {lollipops giveaway}

Good Morning!
It's Winner Time!



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Congrats Andi!
Thanks for entering...
Please email me at
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Thursday, September 22, 2011

groovin' hamsters make me happy {no, it's not weird!}

These commercials for KIA Soul make me happy...

The original that I kept watching on youtube every morning!

Here's the newest one:

Whenever these commercials are on,
my kids yell,
"Mommy!! Your show is on!"

Love it!

Be Happy!
~ Nay ~

Thursday Mornin' Dreamin'

pinterest pin source
This morning I woke up smiling.
I dreamed of my two favorite people.
They don't have names.
They only have faces and a story.
This time it was about when they started living together.
"You promise to always be there?"
"Always," he says.
They're sitting at the kitchen counter and they both smile.
"Let's take a trip...just me and you...where we'll let the beauty surround us...
where we'll never leave our room."
It's the note that he wrote to her and what brought them together.

These are the characters for my unwritten book.  They visit it me every so often...
...and I always smile when I see them.

And so...I like dreaming - especially when I wake up from one from them.  It's the nice little gifts I get from Him when I sleep.

Linking up with Tricia @

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Check out everyone else's Thoughts for'll be happy you did!
~ Nay ~

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

~ braid & up-do prettiness ~

what i love wednesdays!
Everyday I wash my hair, apply anti-frizz stuff, brush it out, pick it up & tie it into either a low ponytail, a high bun, or to the side low ponytail or bun...
I very rarely wear it down, and if I do, it's up again by the end of the work day.
    I would love to have the time in the morning (I already wake up at 5am to catch the vanpool by 6:20am!) to do one of these hair styles.  Something that will keep my hair out of my face, yet look put-together.  Aren't they such feminine and gorgeous looks?
{And on a side note, I really like the tattoo...}
What do you think of them?
I found all these pics on the wonderful pinterest, but need the tutorials now!
Linking up with krystina @
what are you lovin’ this wednesday?

oh, and by the way...
krystina is sponsoring this week's giveaway (ends tomorrow!)...check it out
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You're Irresistibly Sweet, You Know That?!

What a nice way to start the day!
To the "gum-chewing grandma" who blogs like no other!
Thank you to LD Masterson from
{ ! ! }
I am so grateful for your praise : )
This award came at a great time - thanks for the sweet reminder about why I blog in the first place...
to be

…and the rules:
Thank and link to the person who nominates you -
{done, see up there!}

Share 7 Random Facts about yourself.
~ I love lemon merigue pie or lemon tarts! Can't eat them anymore, but just thinking about it makes me smile: )
~ I only have one sibling...but so very many friends that I consider sisters.
~ I've lived in Boston, MA; Lima, Peru; San Jose, Costa Rica; and, of course, good ole Los Angeles, California.
~ I speak English and Spanish, so a lot of the times I'm thinking in either language at the same time.
~ I want to write a novel before I croak...haven't started yet - can't get any ideas on paper.
~ I love lists, making lists, crossing things off get the idea.
~ I really, really, REALLY try to practice what I preach...but, hey, I give great advice!

Pass this award to five new blogging friends -
…and the award goes to:



Happy Wednesday to all of you!
Be Blessed: )
~ Nay ~

Thank you!!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Book Review: The One That I Want

The One that I Want
By Allison Winn Scotch

Synopsis (from Random House Inc.)
Tilly Farmer is thirty-two years old and has the perfect life she always dreamed of: married to her high school sweetheart, working as a guidance counselor in her hometown, trying for a baby. Perfect.

In fact, on the surface you might never know how tough things used to be. At seventeen, Tilly lost her mother to cancer, her father drowned his grief in alcohol, and she played parent to her two younger sisters more often than being a kid herself. Still Tilly never let tragedy overtake her belief that hard work and good cheer could solve any problem. Of course she’s also spent a lifetime plastering a smile on her face and putting everyone else’s problems ahead of her own.

But that relentless happiness has served her well—her sisters are grown and content, her dad is ten years sober, and she’s helping her students achieve all their dreams while she and her husband, Tyler, start a family. A perfect life indeed.

Then one sweltering afternoon at the local fair, everything changes. Tilly wanders into the fortune teller’s tent and is greeted by an old childhood friend, now a psychic, who offers her more than just a reading. “I’m giving you the gift of clarity,” her friend says. “It’s what I always thought you needed.” And soon enough, Tilly starts seeing things: her father relapsing, staggering out of a bar with his car keys in hand; Tyler uprooting their happy, stable life, a packed U-Haul in their driveway; and even more disturbing, these visions start coming true. Suddenly Tilly’s perfect life, so meticulously mapped out, seems to be crumbling around her. And she’s not sure what’s more frightening: that she’s begun to see the future or what the future holds . . .

As Tilly furiously races to keep up with—and hopefully change—her destiny, she faces the question: Which is the life she wants? The one she’s carefully nursed for decades, or the one she never considered possible?

My Review
Up for a serving of clarity, anyone?

Tilly gets a huge dose of it in this novel about the different types of loss.  The loss of marriages around her, people, parents, sisters...but from all of the loss, she has so much to gain.  Clarity not only gives her the power within herself to see what's really there, but to fight to be who she really is.  Through the loss of who she thought she was and who she denies she should be, Tilly learns that not everything in her life is what it seems.

Allison wrote Tilly with such warmth and perserverence that I got upset when things would happen to her...or I would want to shake the other characters from what they were doing in the novel.  But, of course, at the end of it all, there is hope for everyone...

I was happy to be able to experience my first Allison Winn Scotch was a nice break from life and made me appreciate the clarity I have in my life.  It just opens your eyes a little at what you think is real and what really truly is.

Recommend This?
I think it's a good idea to pick this book up.  If you want a book that's quick and breezy, but that you can put down for a bit, this one's for you.  You aren't bombarded with complex ideas in this novel - it's just simple.  Simple...and pretty darn good ; )

My Rating?
7.5 out of 10 - not bad, not bad at all, Miss Allison!

Wan t More?  Visit her!

Happy Reading!
~ Nay ~

***P.S.  Don't forget my giveaway this week from Krystina @ lollipops !  Please enter - winner announced on Friday!***

Monday, September 19, 2011

. . . thoughtful walking . . .

"all truly great thoughts are conceived while walking"
(f. nietzsche)

if i were taking a walk through that,
can you imagine all the wonderful thoughts
that would come to me?

maybe for the end of our day, we should
all just take a walk
breath in the crisp night air
and smile...

~ nay ~

Book Review: The Peach Keeper

The Peach Keeper
by Susan Addison Allen

So it's about...
"The New York Times bestselling author of The Girl Who Chased the Moon welcomes you to her newest locale: Walls of Water, North Carolina, where the secrets are thicker than the fog from the town’s famous waterfalls, and the stuff of superstition is just as real as you want it to be.
It’s the dubious distinction of thirty-year-old Willa Jackson to hail from a fine old Southern family of means that met with financial ruin generations ago. The Blue Ridge Madam—built by Willa’s great-great-grandfather during Walls of Water’s heyday, and once the town’s grandest home—has stood for years as a lonely monument to misfortune and scandal. And Willa herself has long strived to build a life beyond the brooding Jackson family shadow. No easy task in a town shaped by years of tradition and the well-marked boundaries of the haves and have-nots.
But Willa has lately learned that an old classmate—socialite do-gooder Paxton Osgood—of the very prominent Osgood family, has restored the Blue Ridge Madam to her former glory, with plans to open a top-flight inn. Maybe, at last, the troubled past can be laid to rest while something new and wonderful rises from its ashes. But what rises instead is a skeleton, found buried beneath the property’s lone peach tree, and certain to drag up dire consequences along with it.
For the bones—those of charismatic traveling salesman Tucker Devlin, who worked his dark charms on Walls of Water seventy-five years ago—are not all that lay hidden out of sight and mind. Long-kept secrets surrounding the troubling remains have also come to light, seemingly heralded by a spate of sudden strange occurrences throughout the town.
Now, thrust together in an unlikely friendship, united by a full-blooded mystery, Willa and Paxton must confront the dangerous passions and tragic betrayals that once bound their families—and uncover truths of the long-dead that have transcended time and defied the grave to touch the hearts and souls of the living.
Resonant with insight into the deep and lasting power of friendship, love, and tradition, The Peach Keeper is a portrait of the unshakable bonds that—in good times and bad, from one generation to the next—endure forever." (from googlebooks)
So, I thought...
This was one great book...part mystery/thriller, part romance, and part a little comedic at times.  This novel has a little of everything.  I really liked all the relationships in this one, too.

You get to experience everyone in this novel - from Willa to Paxton, to the grandmothers, to the guys...everyone.  Susan did a great job in this novel getting the reader closer and closer to each character.  You rooted for everyone in this exquisite novel...will she stay? is he who he says he is? will she get over her insecurities? is everything as it seems?  It's a clincher-type of novel you'll be happy to melt into.

From what I understand, all her novels are this way!  What I liked especially from The Peach Keeper is that you could understand each and every concept that was delivered.  There's some not-from-this-world aspects, as well, that I thoroughly enjoyed.  At one point, every time I read something else that developed, I said, "Yes!" or "Oh my goodness!"  My husband thought I was losing it, lol!
Should you dive into this one?
Do you like to read "it's all out there in your face"-kinda books?  Books you laugh, cry, gasp, and cheer along with?  Then this novel is for you...
My rating...
9 out of 10 - trust me, you'll like it...and it's a quick read : )
Fun Stuff I found from Sarah's website:

More reviews to come!  I'm reading faster than I can write these reviews!
Happy Reading!
~ Nay~
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Giveaway Time...Lollipops-style!

Good Morning All My Wonderful People!
I hope everyone's weekend was light and breezy...I had a great one...hanging with the fam-bam and just feeling good.

So today,
is hosting this week's giveaway!!!!

Hello everyone! I am so glad to be a guest of Nay's on Cover to Cover! I think Nay just has a darling blog and I am thrilled to be here. I am giving away one of my favorite prints and a top seller in my shop. I am sure you will love it as much as I do. I am a picture taking freak and a paper lover by nature. My creative mind is always hopping with lots of ideas that I can never find the time to do! I love blogging and I love all my readers and adore all my wednesday linkies! I enjoy making playdate cards, picturing the moms and kids handing them out as they make a new friend. I like to share my ideas on crafty biz and staying inspired on my blog. I hope you all have a fabulous week!
xoxo, krystina

How sweet is she?!
And here's the great print she's giving away right here on *COVER TO COVER* - I love it and can think of a few of you that are "picture. taking. freaks"!



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Friday, September 16, 2011

I only have eyes for you...

kinda like she's thinking "i only have eyes for you" - aw!

Isn't she just the cutest?!

My friend sent me this pic just now...
Had to share!

Happy Weekend!
Rosy Poodle Face
(the dog)
~ Nay ~

Having a very neat sponsored giveaway next week!
I'm thrilled 'cause it's a



casual friday...

Options for Casual Friday Office Wear?

I need to tell you somethin'...
I have no idea how to dress for Casual Fridays at work...well, I have an idea (see above) but I don't exactly have the imagination to put stuff like that together!
I do pretty okay for Monday through Thursday in my *business casual* office - usually slacks or capris and some kinda shirt and a cardigan or pashmina/scarf...
Sounds like the stuff up there, right?
Well, it definitely does NOT look like *that*.  I often feel like the "before" of a makeover show, like "What Not to Wear"!
I'm not at all feeling down about it - really!  Just think it's kinda funny, is all.
Pretty much every Thursday night, I'm like "oh no, it's Friday tomorrow!  WHAT am I going to wear without looking too casual or frumpy?!"
Today's outfit isn't too bad, but it's 'cause I wanted to *try* to look cute without looking like I *tried* to look cute {having lunch with the hubby! so it's almost like a *date*...)

What's your style advice for me?  What's affordable and still cute enough to look like I'm not *trying to hard*?

This working mama needs help!  (Note: that I DO NOT have the body - at the moment - to even *fit* into the sizes up there, but skinny girl clothes *look* really cute, right?)

Okay, I'm rambling now...let the advice begin!

~ Nay ~