Thursday, September 29, 2011

another thought this thursday...

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Oh, so that's it?
Realization of truth?
That's all I have to do?

Um, way harder than it looks.

But then I realize...
...this is exactly where I'm supposed to be.
...this was His plan all along.
...this is something I cannot question.
...this is something I just have to take in, breathe in, with open arms!

{I understand that this post may be a little unusual...but I understand it...and when I get the umph! to post about it, I will}
~ Nay ~ 

ps:  got this "pin" from Salena Lee's pinboard on pinterest...oh my goodness, she's got some great stuff on hers!
pps:  Send some prayers and good thoughts to Salena...she's having some hard times at the moment...
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Smart Ass Sara said...

I am *constantly* reminding myself of all of the awesome things and people I have in my life. I'm lucky, even on my worst days.

iseeyoulookingatme said...

You do indeed already have it ALL.

mama marchand said...

Sometimes it's therapeutic to write a post, to get something off of your heart, even if it doesn't make sense for us readers. I do this a lot ... and it helps me, too. Praying for whatever this is, my friend.

Thanks for linking up!

Unknown said...

New follower from Soleil Selene.

Pidg said...

Lots of love to Salena and lots of love to you just 'cuz I can send it! :)

Salena @ A Little Piece of Me said...

Thank you so much Nay!