Friday, September 9, 2011

because the doc said so...

A Day in My {New "Eating Healthy"} Life
So last week when I was on vacay, I had my annual *dreaded girl* doctor's appointment.  The week before I had gone to get my blood work done and the such.  Well, when I got to the doc's office, he was not pleased : (

My cholesterol and platelets are nowhere near where they are supposed to be, so I have been directed to *avoid* or *minimize* certain foods from my diet.  So since last Wednesday, I have been on a high-fiber, low carb/cholesterol eating plan.  I refuse to call it a diet.

It hasn't been that bad unless you count that I've totally turned around the way I usually eat.  No more ice cream, bread (although I found a great wheat bread for 15 mg of carbs per 2 slices!), yolk (so why have eggs then!?), red meats, get it, all the yummy stuff I love.

But I'm not going to be sad about outlook, you know what I mean? : )
So I wanted to show you (so far) what I ate today {and if you happen to have any suggestions on what else I can have}...

Breakfast - my food's even happy...
cheerios, non-fat milk & a banana
Mid-morning Snack
strawberry yogurt
Working Lunch (this all I could eat from what was served and after all the students ate everything else...) 
stir fry veggies with tofu
 Right after lunch...I was still hungry, so...
mango and...
...coconut water.
I still have a banana and "no sugar added, no carb, no cholesterol" jello cup, if I want it.  But I'm not that hungry.
Dinner usually consists of a big salad and chicken breast  or somethin'.

But there's my nephew's 1st bday party this weekend...and so I'm torn. 
Do I bring my own food or have a cheat day? {Hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, pasta salad...cupcakes...oh gosh!}
~ Nay ~

~on a side note~
I don't know what has happened, but I've lost followers and subscribers.  Very weird and a little sad...I still love blogging - but I have a feeling I'm not that thrilling to everyone.  Maybe I should have a "suggestion" box on here...:)
to those of you who are still here commenting and being wonderful to me and my bloggy...and my FB page...and on Twitter...
Thank You.


Christine said...

I'd go for a "treat" rather than a "cheat day." Cheat days tend to turn into cheat weekends. Which turn into cheat weeks. Which turn into- you get the picture. Good luck!

mama marchand said...

I'm sorry you've lost people ... but, it's the beast of the "biz." Have you done a giveaway recently? I tend to lose some people after they found out they didn't win.

Keep in mind, the people who love you and comment faithfully are the readers you want! Numbers don't mean everything. ;) *HUGS*

A Dose of Lovely said...

Have a free day but limit yourself to what you are allowed to have (i.e. one cupcake, one of either a hot dog hamburger or whatever, and chips) if you don't give yourself free days you will loose control. I got down 30 pounds and the only way i could do it was to finally realize that if i want more, i can always have it (as in i didn't need to eat like it was the last time I ever could on earth) and also to allow myself little cheats, because otherwise i'd crack and closet myself with peanut butter & chocolate!

Crystal said...

I think your blog is fabulous and that's why I've awarded you with the One Lovely Blog Award! You can go here for details

MamaPhan said...

I'd go for a treat day myself.

I'm having a ton of blood work done on Tuesday, and I have a feeling they might not be too happy with me, either.

And FWIW, I thoroughly enjoy your blog. I just started following you on twitter. No need for a suggestion box, just go with what you want to write. I do, and I get like, zero comments ever. And I don't know how many followers I have.

Good luck!

Pidg said...

My suggestion about you losing followers and subscribers is that they are just a pack of pansy muffins and maybe are jealous of all of the "thrilling" and wonderful things you blog about. They're threatened...that's it! I mean honestly, you are someone I could totally see taking over the world...but how fun would that be?! If you do can I play? I mean with your OCD and my ADHD...people wouldn't know what to do! Huh? Oh, yah I should probably be doing something productive right now. I'm spending waaaayyyy too much time reading your bloggy wonders! {Ha! You know I'm not leave right?}