Friday, September 16, 2011

casual friday...

Options for Casual Friday Office Wear?

I need to tell you somethin'...
I have no idea how to dress for Casual Fridays at work...well, I have an idea (see above) but I don't exactly have the imagination to put stuff like that together!
I do pretty okay for Monday through Thursday in my *business casual* office - usually slacks or capris and some kinda shirt and a cardigan or pashmina/scarf...
Sounds like the stuff up there, right?
Well, it definitely does NOT look like *that*.  I often feel like the "before" of a makeover show, like "What Not to Wear"!
I'm not at all feeling down about it - really!  Just think it's kinda funny, is all.
Pretty much every Thursday night, I'm like "oh no, it's Friday tomorrow!  WHAT am I going to wear without looking too casual or frumpy?!"
Today's outfit isn't too bad, but it's 'cause I wanted to *try* to look cute without looking like I *tried* to look cute {having lunch with the hubby! so it's almost like a *date*...)

What's your style advice for me?  What's affordable and still cute enough to look like I'm not *trying to hard*?

This working mama needs help!  (Note: that I DO NOT have the body - at the moment - to even *fit* into the sizes up there, but skinny girl clothes *look* really cute, right?)

Okay, I'm rambling now...let the advice begin!

~ Nay ~


Lena @ Mom2MemphisAndRuby said...

I'm a jean girl on Fridays!
I think a nice pair of denim, a belted cardigan and a cute pair of flats is perfect for Casual Friday!

Pidg said...

Just so we're clear...THIS IS NOT ADVICE ...{snicker} When I worked in an office I was so ecstatic when Friday rolled around so I could wear jeans and a pair of flip flops it wasn't even funny! My gosh the things you chose are so cute. You have wayyyy better taste than me...that might be because I REALLY don't think about clothes...I just know it's important I wear them!

Fiorella said...

ohhh i didn't see this post before!!! althought my dress code is way much too formmal than this, i do love the options you shared!

besos reinita!

Hannah Avery said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! These are really cute outfits! I REALLY like those mustard colored flats!