Thursday, September 8, 2011

Guest Post: A Dose of Lovely!

Hello fellow bloggers! 

It's Isabel from A Dose of Lovely

Thanks so much to Nay for having me guest post today!
1. You're on a deserted island (well, let's not make it totally deserted...just a fantasy island kinda place...) and you can bring three things with you.  What are they? 

Ooo a fantasy kind of place! Well....let's see....
#1 I would definitely bring my kindle loaded with lots of good reads

#2 My husband (doesn't count? okay fine...)

#3 a blow up raft--hopefully that comes with paddles..,

#4 A whole load of sunscreen...gotta stay protected!

2.  Fill in the blanks:  how much fun the blogging community is  , I would have started blogging YEARS ago! (though luckily for all of you I didn' one wanted to hear of my high school woes...or see my high school outfits!)

If I had known

3.  What's your favorite easy and yummy recipe for you and your family/friends? ooo! What a good question. My favorite recipe right now, is one that we just recently had for dinner, and it is a yummy shrimp cashew stir fry. I am usually a snob about asian cuisine, and can hardly ever find recipes that compare to my favorite restaurants--but this, this is GOOD. A little too good if you ask my bathroom scale!

4.  Word Association:

Blog= Fun, Freeing

Family= Comfort, food, laughing

Crafty= Possible

Love= Real, Boundless

Funny= Me..hahah! That's honestly what came to my mind...maybe I shouldn't have shared that. oh wow.

5.  Using the letters of your name, describe yourself 







Describe your blog and what you see in the future for it: A Dose of Lovely is all about thrifty, affordable, & realistic fashion. We like to provide readers with ideas of how to save money and still look great. Personally, it's a way for me to exercise creativity & it provides motivation to get ready most days. For the future...I hope to still be writing, and coming up with new fresh ideas & I hope that people continue to discover us and embrace our ideas!

Blog Addy:




Make sure to come say hi at 
We'd love to meet you :)

Thanks so very much for being my guest, Isabel!

Oh my goodness, how sweet is she!  And that shrimp cashew dish sounds marvelous : )
Go visit Isabel, I'm sure you'll love her!
~ Nay ~

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Lena @ Mom2MemphisAndRuby said...

Love A Dose of Lovely! Great guest post! :)