Friday, September 2, 2011

I Blogging Week!
Ellie from
I have known Ellie since the first years of college {way back in the day}...a couple of years ago, I reconnected with her on FB...and she's been an absolutely great bloggy supporter and someone who is always so encouraging...
I was very happy when she said yes on guest posting while I was on vacation...
I hope you like her as much as I do!

You're on a deserted island (well, let's not make it totally deserted...just a fantasy island kinda place...) and you can bring three things with you. What are they?
Not sure if this is fair or not but I'd bring my daughter Shae, my hubby Anthony and my precious angel Shae :) With them with me, I have everything I would ever need! We have fun together anywhere and everywhere! Now, if they don't qualify as things :), I guess I'd bring my iPod for some music, my camera for some pictures & my lap top so I could write with all of the free time I'd have! I love to write, just wish I had more time to do it!

Fill in the blanks
If I had known how incredible it is to be a mommy I would have tried to have.children much much sooner because now I would have been able to have a few more. It's true when people tell you that you don't know love until you become a parent!! I would love to be able to give her a sibling if God has that in the plans for us!

Ellie & Hubby, Anthony
What's your favorite easy and yummy recipe for you and your family/friends? It can be any meal.
Turkey Meatloaf. It's healthy, yummy & super easy to make!!

Word Association
Cover to Cover of course! You started just a few months ago and its already amazing. So proud of you. I knew it would be and I knew you'd be great at it :)
THE single most important thing in my life!

Lil Miss Shae

What I wish I was! LOL My sister in law, Amber, is very crafty so I think of her when I hear that word :)
Shae and 2 loves!
Anthony, my husband. He is so funny & can always put a smile on my face. He's very funny & always looking to make Shae and I laugh :)
Using the letters of your name (or bloggy), describe yourself (or your bloggy).
Well, since my blog hasn't had much activity lately due to my busy work schedule, I'll do my name...although I fully intend on getting back to blogging soon!!!

Enthusiastic (I try to always think of the glass half full & try to be positive about the situations I'm put in)
Lively (If I go somewhere & I don't know people, I will by the time I leave. I like to make conversation & meet new people wherever I go!)
Loud (it's in my nature & my family...we're Argentinian/Italian...we're all that way! LOL)
Immaculate (I'm slightly OCD...or some would say very OCD!! I like neatness, organization & cleanliness. I function better that way!)
Energetic (I don't know where I get the energy...but I'm glad I have it...hope with age it doesn't diminish too much!)

Describe your blog and what you see in the future for it.
As I said above, it's geared towards kids & families. While pregnant, I was looking for a blog that had a lot of different information that would help me learn about mommyhood. I wanted product reviews of baby gear, tips on baby care in general, fitness tips, educational ideas for kids, etc. I didn't find one so I spent my 9 months online researching mommyhood. In the end, so many friends asked my opinion on things that I decided to turn it into a blog. It's just for fun, not for profit, although it'd be nice if I were able to make a little money off of it at one point.

Blog Addy? etsy? Facebook? Twitter? pinterest? anywhere else readers can find you...
My blog is at I haven't blogged in a bit because I've been swamped at work. Getting ready for a very different and much more demanding assignment in the near future (I hope!) so it has left me little free time to focus on writing. I WILL, however, get back to it so please follow. As it is already there are many articles on topics covering anything and everything you can think of related to kids & family including recipes, activities, education, fitness, multi-tasking, product reviews & more!

Thanks for having me as a guest!

Thanks E for stopping by!
~ Nay ~

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