Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Maxi & Long {skirts + dresses!}

What I Love Wednesdays:
Maxi Dresses and Long Skirts!
Love long dresses
This is what I love about pinterest...I think of something I {heart} and POOF!
my heart's desire all pops up on the screen...{!}

But while I was looking at these...I had a thought (I know - uh-oh)...does this work for everyone???
What about a almost 5'4" plus-size girl like me?
I'm wearing a maxi dress today...I don't feel *maxi*, but yes, a little swooshy...
What are your thoughts on this style?
How else can I dress up a maxi dress or long skirt for work?

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struck said...

I absolutely love maxi dresses, I couldn't stop collecting photos during summer. Now that fall is here, I can look at the pics and it instantly reminds me of summer! P.S. I'm a new follower :) Looking forward to your future posts!

Christa @ Little BGCG said...

I'm IN LOVE with Pinterest too! I'm on it way too often!

New follower from the Soleil Selene Blog Hop!

Pidg said...

"Swooshy" haha! I love that! Okay, yah, I think you could def pull that off and be beautimous! I love maxi dresses and I'm only 5'3" {Dang Nay, you're so tall! wink} I'm better now btw ...thanks for being wonderful to me!

Josie said...

Okay I'm only 5ft tall. But I looove maxi dresses. Of course, I always hem mine but they aren't unflattering on us shorter gals. :) I am sure you look adorable in yours!

Jen said...

LOVE maxi skirts and dresses! That last one is adorable! Maybe dress it up with a cute cropped cardi or jacket??

Found you through Soleil Selene and am your newest follower!!

caroline {good times never seem sew good} said...

LOVE the mustard maxi!! so cute!

new follower from soleil selene :) nice to meet you!


Earl-Leigh said...

I love it when maxi skirts are paired with blazers or some sort of structured jacket. I think that you would be lovely in a maxi dress!