Thursday, September 15, 2011


The Rules:
1. Write a post with your answers provided to each week's questions
2. Place the button in your post so others can find this link back
3. Have fun and come back every week
This Weeks Questions:
1. What’s your sign?
{stubborn yet loveable?}
2. Is your style more modern or traditional?
Modernly Traditional?
I'm pretty much a "preppy-kinda-stylish-when-I-can" mama.
3. What's your favorite game to play?
I've always wanted to play the board game, "LIFE".
But for physical, not much.
4. What’s your favorite book?
Every week is a different one, but the one that will always stay with me?
The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks
5. Name one celebrity you would love to be friends with.
Jennifer Garner
She just *seems* so down-to-earth, you know?
6. What brand of makeup do you own most of?
7. Do you like reality shows?
It's another one of my love/hate relationships.
8. What’s your favorite flavor of kool-aid?
9. What’s your favorite type of gum?
Wrigley's Spearmint
10. Do you prefer an A-line, Empire, Mermaid, or Princess style gown?
Empire or A-line
Both so forgiving!

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Jacky {The Sweetest Petunia} said...

Ooh, I loove playing Life! I don't actually own it though...our old game fell apart. I might have to pick up another one. :)