Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thinking on Wishing...

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I've been doing a lot of *wishing* this week.
I *wish*:
I were a stay-at-home mama.
I could just blog/write all day.
I could eat what I want and when I want and not worry about the lbs., carbs, or cholesterol.
I could see my BFFL more often.
I had internet at home.

I wish...
I wish...
I wish...

I'm wishing too darn much.  Why not just be happy with what is instead of what could be.
I work and because of this I can support my family.
I *do* blog/write everyday - and when I'm not doing that I'm jotting down notes about what I'm going to blog/write.
I am making my body healthy for's not deprivation, it's boring.  But, boring is okay sometimes.
I talk or text or email my BFFL pretty much every day...and we're as close as sisters. 
One day, there will be internet at home...but it's okay that's it's not right now.

I'm good.
Enough said.

Happy Thursday My Bloggy Peeps!
~ Nay ~

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mama marchand said...

I love this. I need some wishes of my own to come true right about now. I totally know the feeling!

Thanks for linking up. :)

Amanda said...

stopping by from Mama Marchand's blog. I totally understand. Sometimes I feel like I might 'wish' my life away and forget about how truly blessed I am!