Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thursday Mornin' Dreamin'

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This morning I woke up smiling.
I dreamed of my two favorite people.
They don't have names.
They only have faces and a story.
This time it was about when they started living together.
"You promise to always be there?"
"Always," he says.
They're sitting at the kitchen counter and they both smile.
"Let's take a trip...just me and you...where we'll let the beauty surround us...
where we'll never leave our room."
It's the note that he wrote to her and what brought them together.

These are the characters for my unwritten book.  They visit it me every so often...
...and I always smile when I see them.

And so...I like dreaming - especially when I wake up from one from them.  It's the nice little gifts I get from Him when I sleep.

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Brenda H said...

Dreaming is fun whether you are asleep or awake. I have so many dreams, most unfulfilled, but some have been accomplished.

iseeyoulookingatme said...

Oops. I don't know what went wrong with my comment. I was trying to say that dreaming was great for me too, and that I really hope your book gets written and published. I would read it.

Nicole said...

awww that's a nice dream! I have weirdo dreams like choking on spaghetti or being surrounded by gangsters i went to high school with. why can't i have calm, lovely dreams like yours?

mama marchand said...

Can I have your dreams please? Mine have been super weird lately ... way too close to reality!

Thanks for linking up! :)