Wednesday, September 21, 2011

You're Irresistibly Sweet, You Know That?!

What a nice way to start the day!
To the "gum-chewing grandma" who blogs like no other!
Thank you to LD Masterson from
{ ! ! }
I am so grateful for your praise : )
This award came at a great time - thanks for the sweet reminder about why I blog in the first place...
to be

…and the rules:
Thank and link to the person who nominates you -
{done, see up there!}

Share 7 Random Facts about yourself.
~ I love lemon merigue pie or lemon tarts! Can't eat them anymore, but just thinking about it makes me smile: )
~ I only have one sibling...but so very many friends that I consider sisters.
~ I've lived in Boston, MA; Lima, Peru; San Jose, Costa Rica; and, of course, good ole Los Angeles, California.
~ I speak English and Spanish, so a lot of the times I'm thinking in either language at the same time.
~ I want to write a novel before I croak...haven't started yet - can't get any ideas on paper.
~ I love lists, making lists, crossing things off get the idea.
~ I really, really, REALLY try to practice what I preach...but, hey, I give great advice!

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Happy Wednesday to all of you!
Be Blessed: )
~ Nay ~

Thank you!!!

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Pidg said...

Aww! Thanks Nay you're so good to me! ;) Loves you bunches!