Monday, October 10, 2011

{#2} Check Her Bloggy Out!! {PidgApeg}

Happiest Monday to you, "Happy Monday People":)
Here's the newest member of the "Check Her Bloggy Out!!" feature
here on my fantabulous bloggy (well, I think so... : ])

Miss Andi from PidgApeg is pretty much the awesomest girly, I know in this world I like to call, "Blogger-ette Land"! She always makes me smile and laugh {yes, out loud in my cubicle when I'm supposed to be productive}. We have become pretty tight in Blogger-ette Land and I am so happy we met...we have started stalking each other which is pretty darn nifty...
I hope you enjoy her as much as I do!
~ Nay ~

Check Her Bloggy Out!!


{I'm the one with the beard! Haha!}
Thank you! thank you! Nay for setting all of this wondermous “newbie” jazz up. 
I’m telling you people, she is one of the most thoughty women I know. 
{This is not a paid advertisement.  Opinions of Nay are strictly my own; given without coercion or kick-backs of any sort.  She’s going to take this out isn’t she?  Nay…don’t take this out!  This is me...Nay!!}
Actually sad for my lovely Cover to Cover wonder that is Nay, she gets me and even chooses to be my friend!  Loves to her for all she does to keep me smiling!

Who Am I?
I am rainbows and sunshine, butterflies and cotton candy…Ahh Hahahaha! 
Oh, you meant me?  {wink}
I am a hyper-active mother of 6. One flew the coop to college a bazillion miles away.
{Fine, she’s in Utah, but that’s pretty far from North Carolina in my book}

The other fabulous 5 are home with me.  I am the dear wife to an amazingly tolerant and wonderfully patient man, Po.  I have 3 shops on Etsy; one shop for the softer side of jewelry, another jewelry shop inspired by my girls.  Last but not least a homespun & prim crafts shop for my love of creating imperfect things.

I am an unpublished author, a daydreamer of creativity, a blessed mother, a lucky wife, an easily entertained and just as easily distracted woman determined to keep climbing.  I am a faithful, endearing work in progress that only He can love.  I am nothing special but everything true.  Some days I write heartfelt struggle.  Other days my posts are filled with quirky, ADHD informative of nothing, pieces of babbling.  But everyday is real and everyday is me.

I started my blog to build a platform to share my writing {eventually} and network a bit for my shops.  We’ll see if that happens.  I am currently still clueless and floating aimlessly down the river of bloggy wonder.

My A-Ha moment?…hmm…I have several, sometimes daily.  But I would say a definite one would be when I decided to marry Po.  Long story short; I hit on him, he responded, I freaked out because I was joking…he wanted a relationship, I thought he must be mentally disturbed and then my oldest daughter Bailey said this:  “Mama, one day we all will grow up and leave the nest.  I don’t want you to be alone.”
Wait, huh?  Really they will grow up and not live in my house for the rest of my life?  Sad but true…and even to prove that exact point she grew up and went to college {yes, a bazillion miles away}.  So, what did I do?  I snatched that man up so fast before he had time to second guess himself and have been happily {lots of work involved for everyone} ever after since.  {hearts in my eyes long sigh….}

Strangely enough the things that keeps me sane are the insane little miscreants that are raising me now; my kids…my varmints…oh, those beautiful lil beasts.  They make me laugh, soothe the ache of an often cruel world and from time to time bring me to tears of joy and pain.  They are the sole purpose I am on this earth and the one gift I have been able to give back.  Without them, I am just a silly girl who writes in a notebook- dreams and imaginings that would be found wanting.  They are my inspiration for everything.

{Oh, and soda.  Let us not forget the cure-all for any opposition…good ole carbonation!}


Find her on:
Her shops? Here they are!


Ashley said...

I just became your newest follower and really enjoyed your post today from Andi. I had just recently discovered her blog, as well. :)

Sporadically Yours said...

Absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this post!