Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Book Review: The Kitchen Daughter

 the kitchen daughter
by Jael Henry

it’s about…{from google.books}
After the unexpected death of her parents, painfully shy and sheltered 26-year-old Ginny Selvaggio seeks comfort in cooking from family recipes. But the rich, peppery scent of her Nonna’s soup draws an unexpected visitor into the kitchen: the ghost of Nonna herself, dead for twenty years, who appears with a cryptic warning (“do no let her…”) before vanishing like steam from a cooling dish.
isn't that a great pic of jael? : )

A haunted kitchen isn’t Ginny’s only challenge. Her domineering sister, Amanda, (aka “Demanda”) insists on selling their parents’ house, the only home Ginny has ever known. As she packs up her parents’ belongings, Ginny finds evidence of family secrets she isn’t sure how to unravel. She knows how to turn milk into cheese and cream into butter, but she doesn’t know why her mother hid a letter in the bedroom chimney, or the identity of the woman in her father’s photographs. The more she learns, the more she realizes the keys to these riddles lie with the dead, and there’s only one way to get answers: cook from dead people’s recipes, raise their ghosts, and ask them.

and i thought…Pretty darn good idea of a book, I tell ya!  Recipes begin pretty much each chapter (there was even one of my favorite peruvian dishes! so rare...) and the feelings, hauntings, appearances & thoughts are enveloped throughout the book and what these dishes mean to Ginny.  I love how Jael made you feel like you were in the kitchen standing beside Ginny(but not too close - you'll know why when you read the book...) - the words just make you smell all the wonderful fragrances jumping off the page.  There is a slight air of mystery and suspense in the book, as well, that makes you want to keep reading.  But as is with the style of books I read, you can still put it down and pick it right up again when you can.  It is most interesting how you understand Ginny and what she feels and goes through within every chapter of the book.  I don't want to tell you more - I may spoil it for you!

you should......definitely read this book.  It's different - it's real - it opens your eyes and your senses.

i gave it... 8.5 out of 10!  I was disappointed that it was over and wanted to know what happens later.  Sequel, maybe? {hint hint}

want more?

love & reading always,
~ Nay ~

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Smart Ass Sara said...

This sounds kind of awesome! I'm definitely adding it to my list.