Monday, October 3, 2011

Check Her Bloggy Out!! {Here's the Thing...}

Good Morning My Wonderful People!
It's Monday {groan}, but also the start of my new little feature, "Check Her Bloggy Out!!"  This is something I've been wanting to do for a while, so I called out to newbie bloggers here
 - the response was awesomest!  I have a few wonderful blogger-ettes (cute name, huh?) that I will be featuring in the weeks to come.  If you're interested, you know where to find me!

So without further ado...{{drumroll}}

Check Her Bloggy Out!!
Sporadically Yours
“Sporadically Yours” is here to show you her stuff!  I hope you enjoy her as much as I am – Isn’t it just lovely to meet new blogger-ettes!?!
Hi Everyone,
Though this is really me in this photo, I go by Sporadically Yours.
I started blogging a little over a year ago - sporadically. I needed to practice somewhere to get over writer's block and come out of the writer's closet. I'm sporadically coming around. My blog title is "Here's the thing..."
My posts are about everything and nothing in particular, I just write and sometimes it turns into something wonderful. If I can inspire you or make you laugh - and you tell me so - I get the biggest thrill! The date and time will be off when you read this but I would like to share what I wrote this morning as my introduction to you all: ~ Thanks for introducing me Nay!
Believing in a brighter day can raise you up more than any difficulties can set you back. ~Douglas Pagels
I ended last week on such a high note. This week monkey wrenches have been whacking me in the head. Only one made me stumble, but I did not fall.  I am resilient! Thank you, my friend, for telling me so.  I only went to workout once this week. I'm blaming that on the "clouds" and that annoying Aunt that comes around. Additionally, I went to a busted job fair.  There were so many employers there of interest that, "don't have any positions right now but if you check back...". If I wanted to become a trucker, a police officer or work 2 1/2 hours away, there were so many opportunities for that.  The job fair was set up on base in a gym seemingly without air-conditioning. There were so many people in there. I couldn't believe so many people were looking for jobs. I felt bad for the ones that were desperate enough to listen to the dog and pony show of so many sales recruiters.  Driving back home, there were so many cars on the road, so many parked at the mall, so many in the Starbucks drive-thru.  I just looked and wondered, Didn't they have to work today? And if they didn't, where did they get money from?? I came back home with so many of the resumes that I left with. So I'm reading internet news yesterday and see that Hallmark is now making layoff condolence cards. Really? What is the thought that counts behind giving someone a card like that? I am sure they would be less offended if you gave them the five dollars you spent on it. You are so fired - Hallmark. It's still all good; I strive to end every week on high note. I am RESILIENT! I gave my cousin a crazy analogy this week. Let me see if I can recall it.  In reference to "doing you",  I said something like, "Always keep some pots on the stove. Sometimes they will be boiling over, and sometimes there will only be one simmering. If you always have something cooking, you will always have something to feed off of. " Wow. That actually came out better than when I said it to her. You can quote ME on that. And for someone who doesn't like to cook, that really came out of the left field. Must have been a monkey wrench with inspiration.

Always keep some pots on the stove. Sometimes they will be boiling over, and sometimes there will only be one simmering. If you always have something cooking, you will always have something to feed off of. ~Kenya G. Johnson

Here's the for that beautiful forecast in my photo, so many brighter days are ahead and I am going to be a walking fool all next week!
Sporadically Yours,

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Thanks everyone for stopping by!
~ Nay ~

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Pidg said...

Oh, she's a keeper Nay! Loved this post. Sporadic definitely makes the "favorite words list" so does resilient. Inspirational, upbeat, funny...good combination. {Especially needed after taking one kid to the doctor while another is barfing at home} I LOVE my life! Woo hoo! ;) {I know Nay, I'll get the coffee going}