Thursday, October 20, 2011

CopyCat Post {Thoughtless Thursday}

Pidgy , from PidgApeg, and I are doing this new thing we like to call, “copycat posting.” It’s sometimes hard to figure out what to blog about, so this is something we can do together to help us out. Last week we blogged Name Your {Joy}’s 50 Questions and it was easy and fun.
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So this time it was PidgAPeg’s turn to figure out what to blog about on our fantabulous bloggies {well, I think they’re pretty nifty!}. Pidgy is pretty ingenious in her bloggy style, so she thought how about “total random confessions”?!
Ta-da! Here it is!

thoughtless thursday! 
*You know how something is stuck in your tooth? And there’s no way it will come out? It drives me crazy! You brush your teeth, you floss…and nothing! Drives me up the wall…*

*Shirt-eating backs – so you are wearing jeans or slacks and a long-ish top and then by the end of the morning or whatever – the shirt has been eaten up by your back! What is up with that? Do you know what I mean? Or am I imagining this? Maybe it is just me – okay, I’ll be quiet now.*

*Lists, lists, lists…oh lovely lists! Writing them, crossing those items off, checking them twice, making sure who’s naughty or nice – ha! You liked that, huh?*

*One day I want someone to use my words as a quote. The quote of my actual words and someone then posts it on FB – LOL!*

*Perspective – What I think happened can be (or usually is) very different than what the other person experienced. Like that one time I sneezed – I didn’t sneeze ON you on purpose. That was just a funny “oops”, did that really just happen? : )*

Thoughtless or thoughtful – I think the latter, but pretty neat bloggy title, right?

Visit Pidgy at PidgApeg to see her thoughtless thursday post.


ps: it's not up yet, but it will be:) she's got a lot on her plate this morning!  but she's awesome and it will be up eventually (7:27am Cali-time)

Happy copycatting to you!
~ Nay ~

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Pidg said...

Running to the computer...IT'S UP! aren't kidding this morning has been total dookie. {another confession...I love the word dookie} I always have to smile. Tried to name my dog that...Mama wouldn't let me. :D I love your copy cat picture! Major jealous...hmphh... loves!

jackie b central texas said...

My fave is the item stuck in a tooth, happens to me on a daily basis on the top right side of my teeth and until get it out yes it does drive me totally crazy. Another pet peeve of mine is getting a rock or sticker in my sock or shoe and then putting the shoe on, try to drive that way with it bugging you much less walk with it in there! Ouch!
Nay love the buttons, will grab it and post on sidebar (and then eventually in my button scroller page)after leaving here today.

Sporadically Yours said...

LOL!! This was cute. I finally found some jeans where my shirts aren't as hungry for my back. They are made by Lee & Levi - gap free waistband. They are cute too - not like I'm wearing old lady jeans.