Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tuesday 10 - It Feels So Good...

I had this awesome idea last night about what to post about.  I usually get the best ideas in either the shower or right when my head hits the pillow.  So during last night's shower, I got it {bam!}, thinking I was so original. 

I get to the office this morning and go through my regular routine (check if I got email(s) from my awesomest bloggy bff, PidgApeg, coffee, workload for the day...), but then {bam! again...}I read one of Pidgy's emails and she tells me about the post she's going to write or wrote (I don't get her night emails until the morning...).

She tells me she's linking up with a bloggy gal and I'm like o.m.g.That's what i was going to write - a TOP TEN-type of thing...

So, I am now going to join the bandwagon and join a little linky party by nicole at

Here goes...
what makes me go…”awwww!”
{or just makes me feel oh so good}
My hubby
I was having a rough day at the day job yesterday and {without knowing that he would make me feel so much better} he made my night.  He bought my favorite filipino food (beef steak and pancit noodles) and rented....are you ready for this?
Edward and the hubby always make everything all good.
My son, the little love...
He has THE BEST personality and the words that come out of his mouth...he reminds me of an old man.
Of course, my mind escapes me and I can't think of anything right now, but trust me...
He'd make you say, "Oh my gosh!  Did he really say that? Awww."
Can't leave out my lovebug!
  My daughter is just...well, as Pidg would say...WONDERMOUS!  She is one awesome package of goodness.  And when she says "good night to God" every night, she always prays for me and what I really need.  She knows things...she's just cool like that!
babies and puppies
I got an email yesterday with a co-worker's dog's graduation pic from obedience school...oh.my.goodness....adorable.
This morning, as I stalked my neice's FB photos, I saw this...
Can you all say, "Awwww!"
That's my baby godson being put to sleep by his big bro: )
This isn't an "Awwww!" moment...more like a "filled with His Grace" moment...
Listening to music inspired by Him...
I weep every.single.time
My b.f.f.l.
Although we aren't able to talk as much...when I do get a text, email, or phone call from her and she says, "I miss you..."  That is just the icing on my cake!
Being So Lucky.
I'm not talking about the lottery or giveaway prizes, but more like the lucky-ness I feel with those who love me and I just adore back.
You, My Fearless blogger-ettes!
I am taken back with some of your wonderful posts...
And the pics (See "babies and puppies") always make me go...
Awww! A lot.
The world of facebook...
It is the only way that I can keep up with the family in other states, countries...and my dearest friends that are more than family.  Going on FB and seeing that you have a message or just a "Hi!" is truly wonderful.
a book, me, and my bath...
After a long day...or even when I just need *me* time...that's where you'll find me...
Just soothing and makes everything else just go away.

Happy Tuesday
~ nay ~


Pidg said...

Hey! I love babies too...what is that?! Haha! That is a wondermous list! I miss you, we should meet halfway on your lunch break. I'll borrow Po's teleport ;)

Sporadically Yours said...

I am saying Awwww to the babies too! Too cute!