Friday, October 7, 2011

Wanna join me? Let's do this!

Pinned ImageHappy Friday ♥
I'm going to let something off my chest and just write a little bit about something that has been bothering me on my mind lately...well, to be honest, all night while I lay in bed trying to get to sleep.

"Why did you really start blogging? No, really, why?" I asked myself.  And as it is said that the truth will set you free, here is what I answered myself...

Pinned ImageI started blogging because I needed an excuse to write...I promised myself that "one day" I would be a writer, the great American novelist.  I know I have the talent to do it, but then blogging got in the way.

Now, don't get me wrong, I really like this blogging world.  But when did I start caring so much about the numbers of people following me?  When did it start mattering what other bloggers thought of me?

I wanted to start this blog so that I could read more books and write awesome reviews.  If it could give me exposure as a writer? That was the plus...if someone out there would happen to stumble upon my blog and see my writing - what I was capable of - they would give me a chance at making a career out of writing.  That was the prayer!

Pinned ImageThen everything changed - I became obsessed with the numbers? I became overwhelmed with what all these bloggers out there thought about me and my blog? Was my blog entertaining enough? funny enough? getting enough giveaways out there to gain more followers? 
But the truth now is...that's not what this was supposed to be about. 

So here's my new plan.  This is not my full-time job...this is my hobby.  I don't want to stress when I lose followers or if I get more...or if people comment...or if any of you are just following me so that I'll follow you back...

There's a new purpose.  What one of the primary purposes of this blog was supposed to be.  Me writing, empowering other women, giving others a place to show off their stuff.  It wasn't to make money.  Because to be truthful yet again - I don't want to do be that person.

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So here it is...I'm going to write...
Write book reviews.
Participate in the memes I think are awesome.
Write what is on my mind.
Get those creative writing juices flowing!
Empower all of you by having you guest post, tell my followers (if I have any left after this post! ha!) about your shops and talents, have you come over and share...
and if you want I'll stop over your place and do the same.

So this is it...what do you think?  Are you blogging as you originally intended?  Do you feel like it's gotten a little out of control?
Do you want to start a new beginning?

Do you want to have me show your stuff off - free of charge - no strings attached - not the "if you follow me, you'll get this"-kinda stuff - just me empowering you to be the best you can be which, in turn, empowers me to be my #1 self?

Then welcome!
Let's do this!
~ Nay ~


Lena @ Mom2MemphisAndRuby said...

Great post Nay!
I started blogging for fun, an excuse for a little 'me' time, a chance to meet new people...
It shouldn't be about numbers... it should be about 'being' happy & fulfilled!
I look forward to reading more of your reviews & thoughts... I hope someday, when you do become a famous novelist... I could get a signed copy? ;)
Keep up the good work, sweetie!

Maryann Miller said...

I started blogging because I first started my writing career as a columnist for newspapers and blogging is just a version of that. I have tried not to obsess about numbers - I think that can drive us all nuts. I would love to trade spaces, so to speak. If you would like a copy of my e-books to review, I would be happy to oblige. I would also enjoy hosting you on my blog. You can e-mail me at maryann (at)

Pidg said...

That's my girl! If you feel that original inspiration of writing then your blog has nowhere to go but Up! I love you and I'm inspired by you. And as you know we have a lot of the same thoughts on all of this. We WILL get to where we want/need to be and they might just have to create a whole new category of bloggers just for us. You know, like "THE ONES WE DON'T TALK ABOUT" Haha! Now go get some work done Mwah!!

jackie b central texas said...

Started blogging seriously back in 2009 when my Dad was ill and dying. It allowed me to share a love of certain authors and their books with others who read them books.First time in my life found that connection as friends and family were not into books, except my father who instilled my love of reading at a young age. We shared Westerns until I discovered paranormals, sci-fi and UF. Still read Westerns but from then to now love my nightcreatures more.

Nay I have been a no show more than commented as all summer been working outside on project with my husband and online time limited. Labor day we lost our home to Wildfires in Central TX area we reside. Just now finding time to blog hop and comment every once in a while.

Brit @ JandMs Eye Candy said...

This post was awesome and perfect for me right now. Why am I here now? From a blog hop to gain more "followers". But you are right that is not why I started this. It was my outlet, my thing that I could do that I was good at :) Thank you for reminding me of that. Great post, and I am following you now, because I like you, and think you will continue to inspire me in the future :) Have a great weekend!!

Amanda said...

I deleted my original blog because of that same thing. I got to where I just cared about who followed me, who left me, did people think I was too depressing. So I deleted it, took a few months off, and created a new one.Now I post when I feel like it. Even if it's depressing or boring, it's my blog and I want to post it.

I love book reviews. That's what brought me to your blog :)

Beth said...

I think obligation-free blogging is the best, personally. I like getting inspired by other people's blogs, without having to feel pressured.

Salena @ A Little Piece of Me said...

I love this Nay! Totally what I'm struggling with right now. I want to "do it all" but I can't. I need to always remind myself why I'm here. :)

Sporadically Yours said...


Thank you so much for saying that; writing this. I have visited many sites and wondered what the big deal was with the high following. I participated in my second blog hop this week and I said to myself, so that's how they did it. I really struggled to find two blogs I could really relate to and say that I would genuinely follow back. I got caught up for a full day and some change. Then I decided, I don't want to be a fake follower and I don't want anybody following me that's never really going to read my blog. I like genuinely meeting people, chatting with them from time to time in comments and reading good writing. I came to blogging to write also,not caring about followers, not planning to get caught up in giveaways or trading followers for followers. That aside, I am so glad I met/found you, because I wouldn't have found Pidg. LOVE BOTH your blogs! Keep writing - the carefree way! See you on the Best Seller list!

Erica {My Two Roads} said...


Just visiting from the Tag-Along Thursday Blog Hop, and very happy I did. I LOVE this post and your honesty!

I started blogging when I moved to Europe and it was a great way for me to keep in touch with friends! There was a time when I was all about how many hits I got and I lost focus on my purpose. I have since frozen that blog and started fresh one a few months ago! My goal is to keep my family updated on the comings and goings of my life overseas, while simultaneously creating a support group for other women here in Europe. It's fun to have a clear cut goal!!
Thanks for sharing this story!